Monday, March 30, 2015

Gets my goat.

Hypocrites.  They really get to me.  Just today on a neighborhood board I came across one.  Someone posted the question of wanting to know if there were any charities that accepted small sizes of toiletries.  This particular woman has seemed like someone who is kind-hearted and charitable.  I suggested a group in the Houston area that distributes items to the homeless.   Her response was that homeless people are homeless because they choose to be.

I responded to her that I prayed that she would never fall on hard times that made her join the ranks of the homeless.  Then I don't believe she would continue with that attitude.  Then several more commented with statements that were far more harsh.  

So she did a pm telling me that I knew nothing about her, etc.  Well, no.  I am sorry she didn't like being called out with her attitude.  And I responded just that.

Then it got me thinking.  People who claim they follow Christ are among the worst.  Her response to the question was much like so many of these "Christians."  My son included.  He doesn't recognize that bad things can happen to good people.  There are so many folks just barely making it out there, and it doesn't take much for them to become homeless.  But I could see him making the same type of statement.

It's strange how people look down on those on public assistance - that is until they find themselves there.  Then it's ok - for them but not those others.  I am special.  I deserve help.  I cannot help myself.  It just doesn't take much to find oneself in need.

G worked in the county "charity hospital."  He saw people who had bad times and ended up on welfare.  They, for the most part, didn't like it, and tried to get off as soon as possible.  Often that meant they had to work two or even more jobs.  Wasn't easy for them.

Then there are those who think they deserve what amounts to cheating - after all we are talking about large companies here.  They make plenty of money.  So what I get from them after putting in just a little of absolutely ok.  I deserve it.  This goes from accepting too much change to cheating the company out of money.  They have plenty.  Well - at the end of it all, someone does pay.  And that's the rest of us that play by the rules.

Politicians that want to cut medicare, food stamps, other medical benefits and on and on - hypocrites.  They sit there with their huge salaries, great retirement plans, Cadillac health plans.  But that isn't for the diminishing middle class, and certainly not for those who need a better salary.  Nope.  Not at all.

I realize just how fortunate I am.  While my retirement isn't great, I can live on it.  Sure - I would love an increase since I basically have the same monies that I had in 2000.  We got one small increase ($100/year) a couple of years ago, but I do have an annuity with the state.  Don't get much Social Security that I paid into (being an organist) because of it, but then that applies to a lot of government workers too.  I have a fair health insurance plan.  I have a roof over my head that is paid for.

Sorry for the rant, and if I stepped on toes, I am a little sorry.  We are supposed to treat others with the same respect that we want for ourselves.  The old WWJD bracelets always tickled me.  Those same folks would deny help to their neighbors. That isn't WJWD  (what Jesus would do).

This is just another rant here.  It hurts me to see others hurting.  I know some of those on the street corners are scams.  I realize that.  They are among those trying to get something for nothing.  There's a lot of that.  But so many of those are mentally ill people.  There are shelters for them, but honestly - when you look at those shelters, I am not sure I would want to be in one either.  Guess that's why I am so glad our Life Group at church made bags of "snack" foods that don't require refrigeration, water and socks to give to the homeless makes me happy.  

So if you leave me because of these feelings, I really will miss you.  I just had to vent my feelings though.



and people want to know why I'm a pagan.

Judy said...

SOME people that call themselves Christian's are far from it and just because they go to church every Sunday, is more for show than for being near God. You can be near God out in the woods--by the sea shore--sitting in your recliner. I am one of those people, who when living an affluent life, wondered why people didn't work instead of taking a hand out. Until divorce, job loss and death took away my monetary security and I HAD to ask for help. Embarrassing. Humiliating. Too old to work so I can't get a job. Unfit to stand on my feet all day, so i can'e even be a cashier. I am so grateful that we have programs that help me get food and pay for my Medicare payment every month. Yes,m there are people that defraud the system and then there are us elderly who never had a pension and are put in the poverty position from no fault of our own. As Forrest Gump might say, "Christian is as Christian does." Wouldn't a homeless person just love to have something nice, like she has but refuses to give?

MartiDIY said...

At one time I might have thought like your neighbor. But now I realize that if dh were to lose his job, we wouldn't last long. At least now I qualify for SS, but a couple of years ago, when the job situation was dire, I was sweating bullets trying to think what we would do without his job.