Saturday, March 07, 2015

CPAP available Monday

When Caller ID shows "toll free call," "name unknown," "no name" or something like that - we don't answer.  And we are luckier that our phone system announced the CID!  The "No Call" lists are a joke.  We still get these ridiculous calls.

But yesterday I just had a suspicion when I got one of the Toll Free calls came in, I just thought it might be about the CPAP machine - since I had not heard anything about it.  And it was.  So I get to travel to North Houston Monday to pick up my machine.

This time is different.  I have a co-pay, and I will be renting the thing for 13 months.  It is a rent-to-own thing.  Strange, at least to me.  My last one (10 years ago) was completely paid by insurance.  Times change.

Other "stuff" - thought I would post some new photos of the youngest grands.  Before that - Katie is playing with a HIGH SCHOOL today.  She made 8 of their 12 goals.  Way to go my 8th grader.

Delaney (5), ,y son Brian, and Holden (3) with his back to us

Holden - this boy is usually smiling and is tough as a boot!

Delaney who is a Diva!

These were taken at a birthday party.


MartiDIY said...

What a couple of cuties! I didn't know insurance didn't pay for CPAP completely. That's a real drain for people on fixed income.


oh her attire..

Sally said...

That's a bummer, having a co-pay but I guess we do what we have to.

Those little grands are so stinkin' cute! Those ages are SO fun, but then they all are. :)


Sally said...

Isn't this the California trip, or is it next weekend?

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

SO sweet!