Thursday, April 02, 2015

A quick funny little post

Before I head out for today's appointment.  This week has been full once again.

Monday when I was paying after Physical Therapy, I was going to put my cross-body purse on.  It is heavy because I guess I don't have the philosophy for the cross bodies - I carry all my junk in it.

As I was pulling it over my head, I got snagged on my wig, and horror of horrors - that wig came off.  I don't know how many therapistspatients saw but fortunately the office women didn't see a thing.

I was horrified!  At least for a couple of minutes until I got it back on.

That was definitely a first.  I shouldn't be to vain about the wigs.  I try to be sure that I always wear the same one to the same outings so there isn't a marked change!

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ah, own it..your loved wig or no wig.