Friday, March 13, 2015

Ummm, Friday the 13th

And I am doing something I hate!  I am boarding the plane to California.  I. Hate. Planes.

It's not because I am afraid of flying.  Once I am through security (generally) I am fine.  I hate security.  If you remember the last time I flew OUT of LAX I thought I wasn't going to because they "screwed" up boarding passes.  Of course this time, in the back of my mind, is the stupid thinking of "oh, Friday the 13th - bad luck."   Those seats are meant for pencils.  They keep making them smaller and smaller.  All to get more passengers on board.  Yuck.  That's why I love the train.

I had dreams of taking Katie since it's Spring Break here and take the train to California. But the schedule from Houston to Los Angeles isn't hard and fast.  We have to yield to freight trains.  She would love to take the train.  We talked about it one day that I picked her up from school.  So it's on the plane we will get.

The CPAP and I have made friends for the most part.  Night before last, I had it pulled so tight that it hurt.  Last night I backed off a little and I was much more comfortable!  It showed that I only had a partial event last night.  Now how I could stop breathing for a partial "event" is beyond me, but OK!
Tuesday my therapist did measurements again.  My ranges of motion have greatly improved.  He was going to ask the doctor for orders for another month with the goal of going into strengthening exercises.  I do feel the flexibility improving, and I am very happy with my progress.  Yesterday he spoke words of terror however.  We will begin working on the legs.

I have been babying my legs since having the knees replaced. I have been afraid of - well, pain.  So I haven't been doing as I should.  Shoot - this is the story of my life these days.  The arthritis hurts.  I know I should get up and move, but I don't because of the pains.  Well - that isn't going to be the way for about a month. Hopefully I will begin gaining strength so I can move better!

I am out of touch until Tuesday I believe.  Our flight lands Sunday night about midnight.  I doubt I will be visiting here on Monday!

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Judy said...

Have fun!! I keep telling my neighbor she has to move to make the arthritis better, but she won't--because it hurts.