Saturday, March 28, 2015

I AM still around!

I am still coughing, sneezing and blowing the nose a lot, but I am still around.  We went to the SSB last Thursday (the previous Thursday - after my last post).  I was really in pretty bad shape.  I must have been running a fever because I was freezing the entire week.  I am still sure it was/it allergies because all the plants and trees are putting out copious amounts of pollen.  I hate to have an attack like this because it takes so long to go away.  Once I begin coughing, I cough for weeks after.  I think I need to make an appointment with the pulmonologist because this time my chest feels like an elephant is sitting on it.  I am wondering if I have developed asthma.  I really sound like a hypochondriac!

My prayers that G wouldn't get sick and blame me weren't answered.  He sees no relationship between him having to use the push mower at the SSB and his attack.  He is sure it is a cold and I gave it to him.  I don't see how since I had mine for over a week before he came down with the cough and so on.  After talking to SIL, I am wondering if perhaps we have a bug.  She said there was one going around in Austin that she caught.  It took her three weeks to get over it!  The thing that makes me wonder is that we both are having headaches.  I didn't think anything about mine because I get such strange things anyway until I talked to her.  So perhaps my self-diagnosis was incorrect

There are many topics that have been floating around in my head as food for a blog post.  One in particular is something that has been really bothering me, but I am thinking it would become controversial.  I really don't like to post things that are really controversial.  That isn't my real intent here.  So that means I have completed this bit of trivia for today!!  Have a great weekend.  I don't know what the rest of the weekend brings for me.  With G hacking over there - he won't want to go anywhere, and with the bad temper it puts him in, I don't want him to go anywhere!!  He is a terrible bear.  Typical man getting sick.


Sally said...

Well, goodness, both of you sick; that's not welcome news! I'm sorry. :(

There does seem to be a lot of pollen lately, even our little daschund (sp) has been sneezing. And, I thought cold weather was gone; actually have the heat on today.

Get well. And, oh come on with the controversial stuff. LOL



for awhile I was sick got well got sick again..think I was infecting myself..the trees are going crazy here and it's about to kick my ass...and have had headache since Friday morning..pissing me off