Monday, March 09, 2015


Traveled the 15 miles to pick up the CPAP this morning.  The technician was really nice, and we had a  nice chat - and therein is the problem.  We DID have a great time talking - about her impending wedding (she isn't a young woman) and wigs.  Strange thoughts together, but you know how it can go!

So we measured and got me the correct mask, then the machine was packed up and I was on my way.  I got home and really didn't do anything with it until about 3.  That's when I opened it.  No hose that runs from the machine to the mask.  To cut to the chase, I called.  All calls go to Customer Service - not here in Houston even though it is a customer service number.  AND it has to be approved by someone to send me another one.

Why didn't I just go back?  It's pretty far, it's flooding here, and that freeway is horrible.

So I began looking for a supply here in Houston.  There are plenty.  None have CPAP hoses!

G made a great suggestion, which at first I thought was stupid.  He asked if I still had my old CPAP machine.  Why yes, but this one is so much smaller I doubt the hose would fit.  But I tried anyway.  IT DOES!!!  So even if they approve this, it would be at least a day before the decision is made.  I don't believe it would get here before Friday, or if it is Friday, we seem to get deliveries late.

I ordered the Amazon stick - what ever it's called.  My tv has a usb slot.  The device is HDMI.  It's like I have been trying to put a square peg in a round hole for weeks.  I finally pinned SIL down at dinner last night and found out what the problem was.  Of course, he SAID he would go out today and get an adapter.  Not holding my breath.  So I ordered one form Amazon - rushed delivery.

Why?  because at least G will have that so he can watch the new program about the detective that is in the books he reads.  If the adapter gets here tomorrow - we can see if it works.

Disasters averted - I think.



you did good

Sally said...

G did good for you, and now you are for him! Awesome! Who is the author that he's reading? This inquiring mind wants to know. :)

Grandma K said...

Sally - he reads Michael Connoly (I think I didn't spell that correctly. The character in a lot of his books, and the Amazon series is Bosch. I have read a lot of these books. They are pretty good.