Friday, May 30, 2014


Isn't the definition doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome?  Well - if that't the case, I am insane.

G has completely trashed his computer.  It will not access the internet at all anymore.  I believe he still thinks it's my fault because I have tried to remove all the viruses and  malware that's on it.

So I had him hook up the Dell I used to use.  Only one problem.  I haven't used XP in several years.  We have a new modem, thus a new set up for the internet.  I am used to getting Windows 7 to go on line, but not XP.  I spent several hours trying to get it on line - to no avail.

BUT that's only part of the problem.  Yesterday he went to the library and used one of their computers.  He remarked how fast they were.  Must be the internet provider.  It is just no good.  He didn't have to wait for long stretches for responses.  Well yeah, it isn't full or viruses and malware.  But then - HE"S the computer specialist.   (Only if you call crashing computers a specialist.)

I mentioned "friending" a cousin on Facebook.  His response was  "I did too, but I couldn't remember my password."  This has happened before - also my fault when I used "his" computer to get on.  That changed the saved password to mine, and he couldn't remember his.

I told him that he was up the creek without a paddle again.  He would have to go through with a new page - again.

This time I will NOT touch any computer he works on.  I have thought about lettinig him use my laptop, but really?  I don't need a boat load of viruses, but I think I have mine pretty well covered AND the programs are up to date!


Judy said...

I wouldn't touch any of his computer's because....when he messes them up--it will be your fault. He needs to get one of his own and then...when he messes it up, let HIM worry about fixing it. Honestly!!! MEN!


I'm with Judy.