Saturday, May 10, 2014


If I haven't really verbalized it, I think I have hinted that our schedule of spending a week a month at the SSB is getting old, really, really, really old.  I don't particularly look forward to it, and I really miss not being able to do many of the things that go on at home.

This summer is going to be fun/not fun.  All of our monthly trips remain scheduled.  I really don't know why - in this drought, it is going to be hot (really hot) and dry.  I will have to listen to G rant and rave about the heat, lack of rain, the stupid weather gurus on tv that don't have a clue about what the weather is going to do, and then announce it will be a beautiful "_____" (you fill in the time period) without rain - so go out and have fun! 

I try to stay away from politics here.  The immersion in this family is too great.  I need a respite from it all, but here I go with a statement that is a hot topic.  I do believe we are in the midst of climate change.  But I also believe that there is a natural cycle going on that is being exacerbated by our burning fossil fuels as we are doing.  BUT, I hate hearing the statement after some record (of heat or drought or terrible hurricane or,  or,  or...) GLOBAL WARMING.  I am sick of those terms.  Now that being said, I won't address it again.  And I don't want to hear it from ANYONE.  Especially G.

Now on - in addition to all the planned safaris to the SSB, we will be going to Arkansas the first of next month for the train convention.  This is partially my fault.  I thought since it was going to be when school was out, the grandchildren, who love to ride trains (at least the Sunset Limited to Alpine) would like to go.  And we included their parents.  That produced deafening silence of responses.  But we are going.  At least it is only a week, and we will drive there - like it's so far.

The end of the month is a weekend trip to Dallas for another family reunion.  This one is earlier than the one last year because the Aunties will be moving to assisted living.  This move will kill one of them.  She is nearing 90, and she doesn't think of herself as old.  When she looked into it before she said she doesn't want to be with all those old people.  Plus - she is so particular about her food, she will hate theirs.  After all, I don't care how good the food is at a place, after a while it becomes the same thing.  They will have the rotating menus to save money.  Granted.  And after a while it all tastes the same.  There is no adventure from the chefs - if there is one, and it is going to be rather bland because - they are cooking for old folks with sensitive systems.

Then we have just begun considering a trip to San Jose.  I want to go to California again.  Been once, I want to go again.  Lady Bug is going to be swimming Junior Olympics Water Polo.   But we could do some sight seeing as well.   So another week, but we have to fly - ugh.

September we will have another trip,  Plans are to rent a car, drive to Seattle.  Then go to Glacier National Park (before it closes), catch the Empire Builder (train) to Chicago (my love!), then the Spirit of New Orleans to guess where, then home on the Sunset Limited.

Fun, and not fun.  Gone another two weeks.  PLUS back to the SSB. 

Some would call this schedule great.  And granted parts of it are.  I am sure I will have fun.  But I also know all the things I will miss. 

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Judy said...

I love Glacier Nat Park--gorgeous, although some of the glacier's have melted since I was last there. I think G is going to run you ragged this summer!