Wednesday, May 07, 2014

It's all over the TV news

All of our TV weather gurus.  They are talking about us having a really good chance for something I don't understand.  They are talking about this thing that has been happening in other parts of the country.  This stuff is causing all sorts of problems there.  It causes flooding.

They have we have a really good chance for rain.  It seems we used to get this stuff, but it hasn't happened so far this year.  At least real rain.  We have had some stray drops of water fall from the sky, but they are of the 6 inch type of rainfall - you know, the drops are 6 inches apart.

Well - we have the possibility of several inches of rain this weekend.  AND, there is the possibility of a tropical system forming in the Pacific that might  move this way bringing this rain stuff.  Oh my.  Just think - this could become a state wide phenomen.  Wow. 

They are speaking of getting a couple of inches of rain.   I wonder if this means that the drops might be closer together?


On a more seious note (at least for me) the little dog is still lost.  Her rescuerer called me on Sunday to ask if I had seen her recently.  I was so hoping he was calling me to tell me she had been found, but no.  He said he had seen her when he came down on Saturday evening. 

I just wish she wasn't so fearful.  She would have been picked up and placed in a caring home by now.  I scan the beltway access road everytime I am on it.  Of course, I haven't been down past where she was seen.  I worry about her getting water, but the bayou is just right there. 

He said the daycare center had left food, but she didn't eat it. 

I just wish I wasn't such an animal lover.


Judy said...

I don't remember reading about the lost doggie in any of your posts. She may well be stolen by now. Hoping you and ALL the south west gets the much needed rain. The problem is, the earth is so dry it would take a long time for it to seep into the ground, so it may just run-off and flood.


dexter didnt be afraid of thunder, but he is now, since the explosion. same for me...but I do love the rain, that comes with it.