Friday, May 09, 2014

Yeah, like this will contine

Since we are set to make the SSB trek next week I know my blogging of things with great importance will stop - again.

Perhaps it is because we are at the end of the world.  We don't do much, so there isn't much blog fodder unless (and hope I am not jinxing this) a snake appears or a hog does something.  And that satellite internet isn't conducive to trying to do something like this.

And the rain - the long expected rain.  Yesterday it was cloudy with the teeniest hint of mist.  All the rain got caught up in the Dallas area.  Might as well been in Germany.  Today we must have had a fair shower before I got up.  There was an actual puddle on the back patio.

When I was listing my stable of physicians, I probably forgot some.  Those that I don't see often.  My ob/gyn for example.  After years of avoiding that check, I vowed to be on top of it.  Funny what a little cancer will do for you.  So when I was going to make the appointment last year, I was told that I only get them every two years.  That's all that will be paid for.  Now this year I have read that if you are over 65, perhaps every three or four years.  Humph - I guess I can go for that.

The mammogram is covered by the oncologist.  Thankfully it is demanded.

So my days are often filled with appointments.  Those I wish I didn't have. 

Ones that I would love to have are visiting with friends.  Everyone is busy.  Most of them are still working (sorry Sharon, and Dora - I know you will continue since Earl has died).  Those that aren't working are doing a lot of things.  They may still have children living with them (but it works for them), and care for grandchildren.  They also volunteer their services.  But we are all busy.  We try to get together, but we are constantly checking calendars,

Except those weeks at the SSB.  They are fairly empty, unless we make Community Club on Fridays and stay over for Hilda Happy Hour on Wednesday evenings.  There is grocery shopping in Fredericksburg, and perhaps a trip into Mason for something.  We MIGHT see BIL and his wife, and we MIGHT have little SIL come over for dinner.  We used to see the neighbors, but we don't seek them out anymore - not after the suggestion we spend several thousand dollars putting in a new road because he wants to revoke a very long standing easement.  

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