Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Good intentions

And the road to hell - and all those sayings.  They surely apply to me!

My intention about a month ago was to try to write something each day.  Welllll, we see where that has gone.

My new philosophy is that one retires from their jobs so that they are able to make all their doctor appointments.  Case in point - I have had two already (and it's only Tuesday), and just made another today. 

Yesterday was my teeth cleaning.  THEY want me in every four months.  My INSURANCE COMPANY and I want every six months.  Well - it has been ten months.  I have this disease called procrastination.  Couple that with the fact that I generally HATE talking on the phone means I don't get appointments made. 

Fortunately most of my doctors (and this dentist too, but I end up cancelling these) make my next appointment while I am there.  In fact, since we will be traveling a lot this summer, my appointments are made with the retinal doc through September.  With the investment in my mouth, you would think I would keep those appointments.  Nearly every tooth in my head has a crown.  And to think my dentist still hasn't been to Europe.  My mouth alone could have sent him for a month and in five star hotels flying first class!

Today was the retinal appointment, and yes, my eye hurts.  This will be a monthly fact of life for the rest of mine.  Gee - I thought I was through with the discomfortable monthly things.  My vision is important to me.  It is so ironic that I am so careful about vision and develop not one but two blinding eye diseases.   Not only macular degenertation but glaucoma as well.  Gosh - I won the sweepstakcs.

Today the dermatologist called to remind G of his appointment for Thursday.  While I was already talking to her (see what I mean!) I asked for an appointment for me.  So I get one 15 minutes before his.  I will call the insurance company today since I was put on a Medicare Advantage plan (that I see no advantage to) rather than being able to have Medicare as my primary.  Supposedly, I am still on the PPO that allows outside network.  When I went to the nose and throat doc - that wasn't the case,  They said I was suppposed to have a referral.  What a nightmare.

I get to end the month with a visit to the gastro/intestinal guy for the dreaded colonoscopy.  At least that's what my card said, but the office said an office visit before.  I know I will have to have one this year.  I had too many polyps last time - of course I had waited something like seven years since the last one.

I do have good intentions.  Life is just getting in the way.  My current project is getting the scrap book from Alaska together.  I had something like 300 pictures printed through Walgreens, and now I am putting them in the scrap book.  This project has been dragging on for at least three weeks now.  I have had to gather the materials, determine I don't (1) have what is needed (2) have enough of what I have.  This is my first attempt at a scrapbook like this.  May be my last!

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Judy said...

I am planning on getting 3 more crowns--after I pay for this last one--which will be 18 months. At 18 months between each crown, I will be dead before they are done. I have a few friends who have the Medicare Advantage Plan and all of them hate it. Usually it ends up costing them more than having Medicare as the primary and another insurance for supplemental. At least--get the dang appointments over and then you can relax for a few more years.