Monday, May 26, 2014

Wonderful whirlwind weekend

I feel like a week has gone by since last Friday!  And we almost pushed a week into two days!

I went along with Krissi (my daughter) to Katie's (Lady Bug) water polo meet.  Krissi stayed behind with the Karington (the youngest) on Saturday morning so that Karrington could compete with her summer league swim meet.  Karrington did very well, and the whole team swept the meet.  But then they were swimming against a league from a rather poor neighborhood, and this is their first year of swim team.

Katie was to be in Austin for the water polo meet (she missed swim team here).  She was sent with another family, and she participated all day Saturday.  They left here about 5am on Saturday morning.

I has told Krissi that I would gladly accompany her since her husband and son had a baseball tournament. 

Since Krissi in on the swim team board, she had to remain for the meet, and that really allowed Karrington to swim.  So we left for Austin about 3.  That wasn't too bad.  It stays light so long now. We got there about 6.

We didn't get to see Katie swim that day, and getting to our hotel was a joke.  First, Austin is miserable to drive through.  Hate it, hate it, hate it!  We went to the first place they had reservations when they thought they would be going on Friday night and stay on Saturday also since the meet was Saturday and Sunday, but when they cancelled that one, they couldn't just get Saturday night only(?!?!?!?). 

We were trying to follow her phone GPS.  It send us in a circle first.  Add THAT to crazy Austin.  Then we headed out for what we thought was the proper hotel.  As we got closer and closer, I was thinking it couldn't be right.  It was getting  too far from University of Texas.  So we headed out AGAIN - this time to the correct hotel.  BUT with Austin's wonderful signage, we went across the freeway rather than heading across another road to get on. 

Got to the hotel, and everything was fine after that.  Krissi was exhausted since she had been up since 4:45, and then the meet, and drive.  But we ate at the hotel, had a couple of drinks at the Manager's reception, and fell asleep.  Well the girls and Kristine did.   Ah insomnia, I know thee well!

Up bright and early on Sunday.  Katie needed to be at the Natatorium by 7:45.  Breakfast at the hotel (they do that soo well), and off we went.  A few glitches after we got there - like the main doors being locked - so I had to negotiate some steep steps, but we got there and watch three of her matches.  I have pictures!

I thought the white hat had thrown an elbow at her head, but she was just going for the ball - and all is legal here!  Rough game

Am I a proud grandma - you bet.  She is just so pretty - in fact - she is the whole package - beautiful, smart, talented, and a really nice person.

Once again - she is going to get that ball.

This is a big ol' boy who was guarding her.  She has the scratches to prove it!  But she did manage to pass that ball.  They beat the other team mightly in this game.

Last game - and last picture I will subject you to.  They played the 12 year old team.  This little boy was assigned to Katie and made the mistake of always trying to ride her back - against the rules.  She dunked him a few times.  It will teach him what will happen IF he goes to California for Junior Olympics.  I am sure his parents thought Katie was really mean!


Judy said...

I'll bet you are exhausted!! I find it strange that boys and girls play in the same team and game. So glad they won!!


the last time I went to Austin, I got lost for 4 was
glad she did so well.