Friday, May 23, 2014

He's perfect

Or so he thinks.  I am talking about G.  Retirement isn't really all that great for couples.  This 24/7 stuff would have been fun - when we were newly weds.  After 44 years, not so much.

I don't care what I say, he will argue with me.  I have gotten to where I just say "ok" and go on.  I don't even try to change his mind.  Life is so much easier without that going on.  We have enough fuel for arguments and "bad" thoughts about one another.

Before the trip to the SSB, I made the appointment for our semi-annual check up on the air/heat units.  I immediately put that date in my book.  (OT - when I retired I thought I could retire that little book.  NOPE.  I have purchased at least five refills for it)

So last night, he referred to that appointment.  I didn't check my book, and I knew that, once again, I had to pile stuff in the sewing room because the technician had to have access to the attic.  Both doors are in my sewing room.

So I trundled off upstairs at 9:45 last night to toss stuff away from the doors.  Not. A. Happy. Camper.  I didn't want to climb stairs at nearly bedtime.  Didn't fit my regime to try to get away from my insomnia.

After coming back down I checked my book.  The appointment is for NEXT WEEK!  When I told G that, his comment was "I put it in my calendar.  We'll see who is right when they show up tomorrow."

Have you ever wanted to just clobber someone?


Marti said...

Well, since YOU made the appointment, I'd be inclined to think you have the right date. When was the appointment? Have you got a little crow for G for dinner?

Cheyenne said...

Yes, I am ready to clobber on a daily basis just about. I know where you're coming from.

Judy said...



bipping should be legal..