Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Double blessing

Rain!  First, we were so desperate for it!  And we got a really good rain.  Second - I have another day at home - not away.  We will be heading out tomorrow.  Part of the reason is that we were not the only ones who got a lot rain.  G contacted a neighbor up there.  They got over two inches over night.  So that means the dirt roads will be really goopy today. 

Mother's day was really nice.   Our family dinners can run the gamut from close to terrible to really good.  Most hover around it was ok, but Sunday was a really good one.  The food was good (even though I watched my SIL lick the tongs several times), and the conversations were really good.  Very enjoyable.

Yesterday we took the Vicar to lunch to just let her get to know us better and we get to know her better.  She will be so missed when she leaves.  I am not alone in wishing that she would remain our Pastor.

Part of that is that last week, Daughter (who is treasurer - and runs a tight ship) was pressed to pay ahead for a conference that Pastor pushes each year in Florida.  I am against this conference to begin with.  I have been for four years now.  And, forgive me my Baptist friends, but it is a Baptist conference.  I have definite beliefs that do not fit with the Baptist church.  I KNOW I don't agree because I was being forced to be Baptist as a kid.  I made the decision to change.  I am in a church where I am comfortable.  With that said - I know we worship the same tri-union God, but it's how we go about it that I don't believe in.

Anyway - during the sermon on Sunday (and NOT our Pastor - our student) it was pointed out that discipleship should begin in the home, and this is one of my sticking points - the man is supposed to be sure that the family falls in line. 

Our little church is barely hanging on.  It costs way over $1000 to sent people.  We don't have the money.  Especially to be taught Baptist doctrine when it flies in the face of even what our little maverick church believes.  We do not subjugate the importance of women. 

Then our "dream team,"  solely appointed as usual by the Pastor, has the gaul to say we need to begin to look for a place to buy.  We can barely pay our rent.  We have a top ten giver list, and they give far and above the rest of the congregation.  It is expected that these folks "buy an interest in the property" for the church.  In effect, they become the mortgage company - or stock holders.  The property would be the collateral.  That.  Is. Not. Going. To. Fly.  Our top ten are getting a little tired of being the ones who pick up the slack.

But the fee was paid.  Several bills were not, but they are going - again.  And Pastor can take another side trip to Disney. 



I had a great mothers day too...makes it almost worth it.

Judy said...

I do not understand any of this church stuff you are having. Why would Lutheran's go to a Baptist conference? Especially when the church cannot afford it? Weird, isn't it? Glad you got rain, hope it went into the ground instead of just running off and causing flooding.

Marti said...

What I don't understand is why you want to keep this pastor if she is pushing you to spend money on a conference the church can't afford and goes against your doctrine.

I am a Baptist but I do understand what you mean. There are a lot of things I don't agree with, and there were when we went to other denominations too. Maybe that means I lean toward non-denominational?

Marti said...

K, sometime when you aren't really busy, would you shoot me an email and see if you can help me find out why my blog isn't updating on blog rolls?