Thursday, May 22, 2014

Back - no real events.

The trip was uneventful.  That is good.  We did have to kill two hogs, but thankfully no snakes at the house.  G saw one on the road to his hunting stand, shot it with the pistol, but had to go back. 

I am calling the situation with the folks up there a new range war however.  G and the neighbor finally talked about this road situation.  Gene doesn't want us to not use his road because our road to the house washes his out - he is mad at his north neighbor because he is high fencing his property.  Gene believes this will stop his deer.  Well, we have had part of the high fence for a year now.  We had plenty of deer last year.  They just move into the space where the others were.  The Texas Hill Country has PLENTY of deer.  That's why I don't hate hunting.  We have plenty of deer but not a lot of forage for those deer.  Almost everyone there feeds the deer.  (And that brings more hogs to tear up the land - and perhaps worse).

Anyway, Gene is building a new road next to the fence.  Then he is going to fence off his road so that the north neighbor can't use it.  Gene is mad at this guy because he never offers to help defray the expense of maintaining the dirt road, and then the fence was the final straw. 

Technically, we can use the "new" road, but we know that it will be in terrible condition AND it will be so close to our cattle guard, it will be really difficult to turn on.  There will be no real room to swing out.

SO we are looking at putting a road in for us.  So from the air, this part of the properties will have two roads running pretty much parallel separated by a fence right next to each other, and ours taking off at the top of the hill.  It was going to run on the inside of the fence until we could angle it up the hill to the house.  STUPID!

I know this is going to cause all sorts of ill will in the community.  At least we really are not in the middle of it - except to be affected by it.  Upside - at least we will never have to worry about our rights to get to the property.  We have a real easement from his sister, and then we will be on our land.  'Nuf said there (written with my finest Texas accent).


Judy said...

I saw on the news tonight that Texas is suppose to be getting some "nice" rain--sure hope so!!

Cheyenne said...

Some neighbors can drive a person insane. I know...we have a couple of doozies. One in particular gives me grief just to look at him out my window.

Marti said...

Ugh, what a mess. We had a snake in the yard yesterday. I think it was a rat snake and other than scaring me a little, I was glad to have it. Does high fence guy know that Gene is ticked?