Thursday, May 08, 2014

Appointments done

At least until the first Tuesday in June.  Then it's back to the retinal guy.

I got to thinking about my stable of doctors last night.  Twice a year I see my oncologist and cardio doc.  Dr Poison I really look forward to because I can get a read on the blood thingy that shows if there is a cancer present.  Cardio doc is just to check on blood pressure.  I think he is just feathering his retirement nest.  My heart is fine - has been - still is.

Every month, and it will be through my life, is the retinal specialist.  Once you have wet macular degeneration, the treatment is every month.  Then, once again, twice a year or more often is the regular ophthalmologist to keep an eye (hahahaha) on the glaucoma. 

The dentist wants my teeth cleaned every four months.  Nope.

Now I have once again added the dermatologist.  My mom died at 57 from melanoma.  I want body scans.  So that is yearly.

I DID have a kidney doc, but when he told me I didn't have kidney disease.  So I cut him out.

I don't have a GP.  The one I had doesn't take Medicare which I had then.  Still don't have one.

I have an ear doc, but I don't have to use him regularly.

Too many!

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Judy said...

You don't even need a GP. If anything was wrong, he'd just send you to a specialist anyway. My
GP wants me to come in every three months--I told him I'd be in every six months,'s been almost a year, LOL. The Cardiologist said I was in great shape. The hospital notifies me when it is time for a mammogram. Who needs the GP? I do go to him--to get my prescriptions renewed.