Tuesday, June 03, 2014

So, went to the dotors (yes - plural)

Started off my morning with the good old cancer fighting drug in my left eye.  They surely can find some unexpected results from drugs!  So I have my usual eye crud from all the things they put in the eye to numb it.  And from just flat messing with it!  So please excuse typos (I know I usually have them with no excuse) because I really can't see the page well!

Then I went downstairs to the foot doc.  We were 45 minutes early, but went on in anyway.  This doctor has the receptionist from hell.  When personalities were handed out, she was behind a door some place.

So to cut to the chase, when I finally got in, and the assistant finally tamed the reluctant computer, and I got an x-ray, the doctor walked in.  She looked at my foot, and immediately announced that I have gout.  What did I eat two weeks ago.  And the tight shoes were probably the precipitating factor in this situation. According to the sheet she gave me I can eat basically the grass in the yard.  I can have lettuce, but very little dressing.  Fresh vegetables and fruits.  White meat chicken and turkey,  Fresh carrot juice,  Fresh cherries (??  they aren't cheap in these parts) Vegetable Soup. 

But NO mushrooms, asparagus, shrimp, Caviar (darn!), mussels, fried food, organ meats, game meats (?????), That is just a partial list of the no-nos.  I am in a world of hurt, both from my foot hurting and the things I CAN have and those I can't. 

Thought I would share a picture  So here goes: (and it's not just a fat foot!)


Judy said...

Did I not tell you last Tuesday that you had gout? Drink lots of water--no rich foods. Hope the doc gave you a prescription to take for it. Too much uric acid in your blood--it can also spread to other joints. You probably have "gouty arthritis".
Sorry--I know how painful it can be!

Cheyenne said...

I hate doctors and dentists and going here and there for some test or another, but it is a part of the aging process. I envy those people that rarely see doctors or tests etc.