Monday, June 17, 2013

Surely she didn't

But, oh yes she did.  Daughter not only missed dinner on Sunday, she didn't even call her dad.  There was -- wait for it -- a swim meet.

It is no secret that G and I are NOT rabid sports fans.  These sports for kids have gotten completely out of hand.  We really hate these events that take place on Sundays, but when they are on "holidays" like Mother's Day or Father's Day, we really find them absurd.

So that was the case yesterday.  It was the 'Pentathlon" event of summer league (I guess).  They spent the entire day at this thing - I am talking about from about 7 am to 9 pm.

She called at 8 yesterday saying they weren't gong to be in church.  I asked about dinner, and it was THEN she said she doubted it.  She has know this little fact for weeks.  Weeks!!!!!

We were going to celebrate Father's Day and SIL"s birthday.  Well - he wasn't here last night.  For a special celebration I decided I would make seafood lasagna.  With fresh seafood.  Not a cheap dish.  I plan and begin to execute the menu early, and I buy the ingredients before Saturday evening.  So I had planned for 12.  It was 7.

There was never another call for her father until 10:32 last night.  Our phone system is strange, so it rang once here, but several times on the caller end.  It went to voice mail.  She was calling - then.

So perhaps the feelings I dumped on you last week - I guess they weren't too far off.

To find a positive to end on - at least I got to give my total attention to the little grandkidlets.  They amaze me in that we don't really spend as much time with them, but you would think we saw them everyday.  There is no shyness in our relationships.  Interesting.

Other than the usual typos because I can't type, you may find some strange words in this.  I picked up my new glasses.  I can't see s*it.  I don't know if my eyes are acting up or if the glasses aren't what they should be!   At least they are guaranteed.  They may be going back.


Judy said...

DAMN KIDS!!! Like we would ever have missed at least calling our Mom's or Dad's on their special days!!! The only thing I can think of someday's, is, I hope THEIR kids put them through the same thing they put us through!! Ranting!!!


ah, high school sports..eek.
football is king in Texas..but in West it's softball and baseball...but it does keep them out of trouble.

Marti said...

I agree that kids sports are out of hand, and the bad thing is that these kids are going to get burned out or injured before they ever have a chance to get to college and win a scholarship. I thought most amateur sports took off holidays. Very inconsiderate of dd not to let you know about this event way ahead of time and the phone is no excuse, especially if she knew about the problems you have with it.

And yes, take your glasses back and have them readjust the bifocal part if that is it. It may just need to be moved up or down a bit.