Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How things change!

From Friday when I got the email from our Associate in Ministry until yesterday, I was riding a roller coaster - and didn't know it when I got on.

We needed to provide meals to Sister Pastor.  She is having (today) her neck vertebrae fused.  She will be recuperating for two weeks.  When  I talked to her, she indicated she wanted meals every other day.  Ok so it will be.

Saturday I had three in the Women's Group volunteer.  Great.  I already had several, but this is great.  We have extras.  I figured we needed 8 meals (actually 7, but one lady is following up tomorrow which wasn't a scheduled day).

So I came home - listed the dates we needed food, asked prople to sign up AND say what they were providing.

Our member with ALS was the first to respond (both times I may add).  She did as I requested.  Then others came in - many not telling what they were providing.  Then we got several who are going to order from the chef in the neighborhood who does this for a living.  Great.  I was feeling pretty good.

THEN I was down to two days left.  There were no responses.  I thought Daughter and I would have to fill in those days.  I waited and waited.  Finally someone responded.

I sent out an email thanking all for stepping up or considering to bring food.  That email was followed up with a response of "I don't see June 22.  I will take that one."

I am not that stupid.  I wouldn't have sent the email with the message that it was all taken care of if it hadn't been.  Geesh.  So I nicely responded back thanking her once again but all spots were, indeed, taken.

Something that I really thought would have been a slam dunk turned out to be a real pain.  I guess that's the way things go.  What appears easy on the surface really isn't when you dig further.

Oh, well - done.  Now I will get her  "get well prayer angel" into the  mail.  It might be there before the weekend even.

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