Thursday, June 06, 2013

Run, run, run

Today was my sewing club.  The project was/is little flip flop like coasters - really cute.  But I just wasn't into bumping the 50 pound machine down and back up the steps today.  So I went, bought the packet of material, sat for a while.  Only three people brought machines.  So there wasn't much instruction, but I am fairly confident that I am able to read the instructions that are in a PDF file!

Then I went to get glasses.  You know, when we have insurance that provides free frames, and what it showed was a credit of $130 I should have been able to get my glasses at a fairly low price.  Yeah, in my dreams.  I am so vain that I MUST have progressive lenses.  I don't like that line across my field of vision.  Then the salesperson convinced me that transitions are better than they were, so I bit.  Then the coating that protects, and on, and on.  Finally $230+.  I am just happy that the macular degeneration was settled down to the point that I am able to get new glasses.  I am not sure the lenses are big enough for the progressive part.  These old ones cut into the reading field.  We will see.

From there I went to the craft/fabric store so I could spend more money on these blasted diaper cakes.  I needed ribbon. Plus I will make the little baby washcloth corsages again.  So I needed the wire (of course I can't find my BOX of floral wire), better florist tape and corsage pins that wouldn't hold a bridal bouquet on the girl's chest.

I went to the bank to put the check for the house in San Antonio directly into my checking account because if I don't I will be overdrawn in a short time.  The $400 vet bill before Simone died was quite a blow.  If I don't have to use that money, I will move it to the money market account where it belongs.

Then I called home to see if G needed or wanted anything.  I offered to pick up lunch for him, but he had eaten.  SO I went to the Golden Arches.  I do like their salads, but I can never remember the name of the salad I love.

Of course when I got there, there was  no line, and someone pulled in behind me.  I don't visit there often, so I am not familiar with their drive through menu - besides it changes every time I go through!!  So I asked for the Southwest salad.  It wasn't what I had in mind, but at least it  made me get through easily.

It was good, and I enjoyed it  - until I forgot there was a lime wedge in the salad.  I was finishing the salad off when I put something horrid into my mouth.  It was that blasted lime.  Yuck.  What a gruesome end to a fairly nice morning!


Judy said...

I have to get larger lenses for my progressive to work. I didn't get the coating nor the transitional and mine still cost nearly $200.00 at Costco and I was thrilled because usually, they cost $400.00.

JuJu said...

Wow, you did all that before lunch? I'm impressed!

Marti said...

I know what you mean about the glasses. I guess I'm even more vain because I got progressives to drive with and straight line bifocals to read with. A little over $600 and I really don't like either one. I can't see the laptop well with either one and here I sit with my old glasses.


I've worn bifocals for so long the line doesn't even bother long as I can see I don't care.
I love those diaper cakes, they are so cute.