Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Last Friday, as you possibly know, was a terrible day for the Houston Fire Department.  They lost four brave firefighters in the horrible motel fire.  There is a good side - we are more than fortunate that that dive burned down, but to take the life of four heroes is horrible,

One of the firefighters was also with our little city fire department.  My family feels a closeness with these fallen heroes because G, Daughter and Son were all in the department here for a while.  So even if Firefighter Bebee had not been with our local department, we still would have felt a kinship with these people.

They have been showing the memorial service for these folks this mornings. It began at 10, and it is 12:15 and still going on.  I don't begrudge the memorial, but the uncle on one of the firefighters spoke first.  He rambled on and on for at LEAST 30 minutes.  I really believe it was more like 45.

At one point, two on the dais people went up to him, but he just brushed them off saying "I'm OK."  And he went on and on.

I complain.  But it is a very sad day.  To have one firefighter give his life is sad.  This is the worst thing that has happened to HFD.  They still have another man who is in critical condition in an induced coma.  I pray he makes it.


When I was writing on Sunday, I think I used too many pronouns in the last paragraph.  My son and DIL are close friends with one of our local police.  Son and DIL were on their way here for dinner when they saw the Officer patrolling.  They invited him to come by the house to chat.  He did so, but had his blasted lights going.  That got the attention of our neighbors who came out of their houses to see what was going on!!

I do have to add this to the story.  My neighbor across the street, Lynn, really believes that the folks living on her east side are into illegal activities.  Of course, when they slaughtered the baby goat hanging from the basket ball goal in the driveway, I guess that rather set her attitude about them!!

She thinks they might be running drugs.  I don't know.  From what she talks about, it could be since they were taking the seats out of a Suburban that they were taking to Mexico and putting something in it.

Anyway - IF they are involved in something illegal, I am sure they were sweating seeing this particular officer out there.  He is the one who has been investigating them!  Not that they know I think, but he really wanted to bust them!

That makes our neighborhood sound terrible.  It isn't so.  This is a strange situation over there.  They don't own the house.  A guy from the north somewhere owns the house.  He bought it so that he would have a place to stay when he comes to visit his son who lives nearby.  So strange, strange!!!

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JuJu said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about your firefighters. It is so sad to lose these fine folks. We had a very sad fire in Charleston a few years back, lost nine firemen. Sad Sad Sad.

It sounds like you have some good people watching in your neighborhood!!