Monday, June 03, 2013

A new day

And it's some better than before.

I survived playing for church.  It wasn't perfect, but then what do you expect from a 67 year old woman who retired from playing for churches 12 years ago, has arthritis in most of her fingers (from playing keyboard for 61 years, and is nearly blind in one eye (and can't see out of the other as the old joke goes).   We have someone who sings into the mike to lead singing.  Yesterday, we had the young woman who is really cute and sweet.  She was running late.  I thought "no problem" because we had old hymns.  Problem!  She didn't know the two middle ones, and we had no time to go over them.

The other problem was that the words that are projected on screens didn't match the words in the books we had.  In fact, my version of one hymn had three verses - the one on the screen had four!!  But we gpt through it.

The "workship" went so well.  We needed layers for 20 diaper cakes, and I think we may have gotten 35 or so.  AND we had diapers left over.  Successful indeed.  We make these into decorated cakes on Saturday.  I will only be there for a bit - my son's oldest son is having his delayed from February splash birthday party.  Even in Texas we don't have splash parties in February.

My mood took a nose dive when I checked Facebook yesterday however.  I am still very active (with money anyway) with the local Boxer rescue.  G first said that absolutely we will not have another dog, but reading "the last will of a dog" that said the best way to honor your deceased dog is to have another, he is ready to adopt again.  But we will wait until after September.

In September, we are going to Alaska for a train convention, and then immediately to San Antonio for my 50th high school reunion.  I doubt that my real friends will attend.  I don't think they attended the other reunions, but then I didn't either.  Somehow we were always traveling then.  Amazing - but we managed to  make G's.  Hmmm.  Anyway, with the busy month, I was always worried about Simone if she were still alive.  I could just see her taking a bad turn and not making it to the end of our trip.  I hated the thought of her dying while in boarding.
So with that history - I always read the updates from the Boxer rescue.  Some of those babies stay around for a while, and who knows, I might meet my new dog!  But yesterday, they had an emergency rescue.  Someone dropped a 15 year old (which is absolutely amazing - they usually only live 8 -10 years) boxer at a high kill shelter.   I guess they wanted her euthanized  there so they didn't have to be bothered.

As I was reading the comments, I was crying my eyes out.  I knew my pain was just too fresh.  I couldn't bring her in here only to have her pass soon.  Others had the same comment.  They had just put their precious ones down recently.  Even the ones who had previously had to put their 8 - 10 year olds were saying how they would have loved to have had them five years longer.  The comments were like this throughout.  I cried and cried.

The good news is that either by people taking some of the dogs that are in the vet offices to foster, or taking her (and another one who was found) both girls will be pulled today.

I can't understand people like this.  Just two weeks ago, someone took their 9 year old to a high kill shelter because hI simply cannot imagine doing this.  Beyond me.

So - on other fronts - family dinner was good - not as great, but good.  My DIL had all our neighbors out looking because she is very good friends with one of our policemen.  In fact, they went to prom together.  They saw him when they were coming in, and told him where they would be.  So he shows up - with his lights on!!!    He parks in front, and Son and DIL go out to talk to him.  We had most of the neighbors out wondering what the problem was!!  What a way to end a Sunday evening!


JuJu said...

As a former church musician, I find the folks will sing along with almost anything. They figure you know what you're doing and are too intimidated to ever do it themselves! :-) Well done!

Alaska sounds lovely. Everyone I know who has gone there loves it.

And, how in the world can someone have a family member so long and then give them up? Unthinkable.

Judy said...

I guess I missed a post because I have no idea who "he" is that the police were waiting for? Anyway--I can't go to the rescue shelters anymore because--when I see the cats in the cages and the dogs barking--it just tears me heart out!!! Do they take their old and dying dogs there to be euthanized, instead of the vets? My friend foster's a lot of animals that are scheduled for death--at least it gives them a few more weeks/months of being loved.