Sunday, June 23, 2013

Interesting four days

I already was aware of the fact that when we are at the SSB we do more here than we do at home.  This time is certainly no different!

When I came in, I was going to flip on the overhead light in the kitchen.  Well - I had the same feeling I had last time when I flipped the switch, and there were no lights.  This time, the switch was up.  The lights had been left on for over four weeks.  AND they were fluorescent.  Notice I said "were" because they aren't now.  So we put light bulbs on the list.
As usual, we went to Fredericksburg on Friday, the day after we got here, for groceries (and fluorescent) bulbs.  We ate lunch at our usual restaurant.  GREAT salad bar.  Then with our new bulbs and  groceries, we were on our way.

Got home, G was behind me - getting candy (corn) for the deer.  When he got here, he began looking through his wallet.  He didn't have his credit card.  So he called the restaurant.  It was there.  We had to go back to Fredericksburg (45 miles and about an hour away) again.

Friday night was Community Club   It was OK.  We had to see our neighbor with whom there is a little problem.  But it was ok.  My cole slaws for the pulled pork sandwiches was acceptable.

Saturday it was back to Fredericksburg.  We also got items we forgot.  Then I got busy making potato salad and a dessert for MY family reunion today.

All was well, until this morning when I suddenly heard the pistol three times.  I went out.  ANOTHER snake around the back deck.  Only this time it wasn't an innocent (but ultimately dead) coachwhip.  It was a four foot Western diamondback rattlesnake.  G was checking something else.  He had just been in that area.  When he came back, he saw this snake slowly heading from the brush to get under the deck.

We thought it was dead, and went to the reunion.  After, he got gloves to pull it out from the base of the deck.  I went to get a picture.  I kept looking at the head. My brain was telling me that it was lifting the head, but I was just in shock sort of.  No couldn't be!  Then it turned a bit toward me.  That was the end of that.  I was in the house before you could whistle Dixie!!  This time it is dead.

Ah, the events of being in the Texas Hill Country where wildlife reigns!

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JuJu said...

It sounds like there's never a dull moment at the SSB!!