Saturday, June 29, 2013


I was going to write about other things, but this is my most recent experience.  Of course, right now I have a laundry list of things (and some people) I hate.  Google ranks at the top however.

My memory is poor, used to be good, but it getting really poor.  Like leaving the fluorescent light on at the SSB that ended up being on for five weeks.  Like leaving the griddle on sometimes.  Like FORGETTING STUPID PASSWORDS.

That is the latest with Google.  I forgot the password.  I have three accounts - one is the church women exclusively .  I like to keep the passwords the same except the church women's.   I know it's dangerous, but I love to live dangerously (not);  I also always try to use this laptop with the same internet.  It has my passwords locked up in it.  I just wish I could see them,

So the other day, I was going to sign in to my "main" account.  I forgot the password.  If you forget the password, you are sunk with this computer.  It will not ever plug the correct one in again.  At least not for a while, and I was in a hurry.  So I changed the password - to something I THOUGHT I could remember.

I was just talking to G about it and he snarked that he "writes them down."  I almost came across the breakfast table/my desk to throttle him.  HE has the study with  not one but THREE desks.  I have a breakfast table.  I have no place to put anything that doesn't have to be moved for meals.  I CANNOT WRITE THINGS DOWN.  I do have a notebook, but it is put away so it can be found, and I really didn't want to get all that out right before dinner.

So that password was changed.  Today I was reading blogs and wanting to comment.  You guessed it - I forgot the new new password.  I changed it AGAIN.  I wanted to use the one that is still associated with the "business" Google account - no dice.  So once again, I have three passwords for three accounts.  And I am in a snit over it.

To get to gripe about Google - I had to change the password.


Marti said...

I have the same gripe about yahoo email. Half the time it won't recognize passwords I know are right. I used to think I must have typed it wrong and I type it in again. Now I just hit the submit button a second time to get it to work.

sherri s. said...

I do understand why some people use the word "password" as their password...

Judy said...

We are slowly and surely losing our minds!!! I have much the same passwrd for everything, but when I wanted to get into an account I rarely, it said I had the wrong passwrd. I yelled at the monitor that it was nuts! Then I started digging in files in my desk drawer and, it WAS the right passwrd--it just had to have a CAPITAL letter to begin with. ARGHH!