Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Don't like change and don't wait well

Disclaimer - this is a rant!!  Be forewarned.

I am sure this happens to others with regularity, but when it happens to me, I don't like it.  My Texas Teacher Retirement System changed the drug coverage carrier for this year.  This is the third carrier we have had in three years.  I am most unhappy with this change.

Since we had a completely new provider, that meant all new prescriptions.  So I got them on a Monday.  I sent them off on the Tuesday we left for the SSB fully expecting them to be in the mailbox on our return.  This was especially important because I was running out of two of the meds.

We got home - no meds.  I waited.  I waited more, and on Friday of the next week,  we got a "toll free call" that I don't answer.  I don't talk to anyone who doesn't tell me who they are when they call.  I am very tired of "we can lower your credit card interest rate ..." especially since I pay my cards off each month, AND I think that is such a big scam.  So a message was left.  They said that they had tried to contact my doctor with no success, and the prescriptions would not be filled until they spoke with that office.

So I called the office to give them the information.  They never got a call from Podunk Pharmaceutics.  But she would be more than happy to return that call to them.  Settled, right?

Wrong.  I got a call last Monday telling me that they got the information, and they would be mailing the drugs about the 31st.  What??!!  Just how long am I expected to wait?  So I called the local Wa**eens to have one that I had been without the longest refilled.  The first time, since I put two medications on the same phone call, I only got the drops for the glucoma. I called again, and got an email that I had requested the refill too early.  I could try again March 26, 2013.  So they put a hold on any refills.  I still had no drugs,

Today I did have a package in the mail - with half of the requested pills.  One I won't need for two months.  The other two are the ones I have been out of for a week or more.  Tomorrow I run out of another one.  I just wonder if I will be graced with another package tomorrow.

Apparently my medical insurance also has changed.  They notified me that it had changed, and it would be better.  When I get my eye injections, they are usually in the $85 range.  The one in January was $150.  I remarked about how I surely didn't see that this was a better coverage.  (and I was nice - I "joked" about it).  The girl laughed and told me that from here on they would be $10.

That was great news.  Yesterday I opened a letter from their office telling me I owed another $96.  I wasn't about to pay that until I got my EOB.  That also came today.  Yes, I do.  This office is out of network, therefore I owe them more money.  I just wonder what clinic of retinal specialists is in network.

I am beginning to feel like they want me to either die/and or go blind!


Cheyenne said...

You hit the nail on the head with your last sentence. My friend has been saying that ever since we got this president running our country. She said with his health care in effect a lot of people are going to just sit in a corner and wait till they die.

Marti said...

I HATE that kind of stuff! I got a call this morning from CVS, automated. Usually I don't answer calls if the name doesn't show up, but I was expecting a call from the bank (another problem). The recording said something about a prescription and press 1, then asked my name press 1, then punch in my birthday. I hung up. I don't have any prescriptions being filled and none up for renewal. Such a pain.

I have no patience for waiting either.

Jenn Jilks said...

This is shameful.