Monday, January 14, 2013

Just curious

I am wondering if I have just become an old crone (well - I think I have, but ...) about something.  I am going to put it out here!

How do you feel about children who have fund raiser items to sell?  Around these parts, they sell for school - sometimes twice a year, they sell for Girl Scouts (those expensive cookies - I KNOW they are good, but geesh), Boy Scouts, Little League, Swim Team, and on and on and on and on.

Further than the fund raisers themselves, where do you feel it is appropriate to sell them?  To neighbors - even though the fund raiser people tell them to not go door to door, they know the kids will.  At the parents work?  At church?

It is the latter one that is going all over me.  I guess more so because I no longer work.  But in churches there are scads of kids.  Should we be hit up by all these kids hawking their wares so to speak?

We have one woman, and I will be brutally honest here, that I do not like.  Her daughter is now selling item number two this year at church - Girl Scout Cookies.  I think I have separated by intense dislike for her mother from this selling thing, but I don't think this should be happening.

Another member runs a troop.  If she gets wind of the selling, I can see her trying to sell to raise the money for her troop.  I just see this as getting out of hand in a heart beat.

I know.  I am an old stick in the mud.  These kids are barraged with fund raisers.  I have heard the line of crap they get to motivate them when the time comes.  I feel like going to Oriental Trading to buy the same junk they win if they sell their first million dollars in the junk that is in the fund raiser to give to them.  Just say - here, here is your wonderful prize.

Anyway, I just see every kid in the church bringing all that stuff with the idea that "X" did it,  why can't I?  And if this becomes the case, I guess we could just have a "Fund Raising Sunday" where they all bring their little brochures to hawk the junk!


Jeanette said...

When my kids were younger I used to buy fundraiser stuff from them and any of my nieces and nephews. I would never let them go door to door, though and they could only try to sell to family and friends. Now I don't buy anything from anyone, especially here at work. It gets out of hand.

JuJu said...

I'm in agreement with you that there's no need for it to be coming to the church. I think it puts pressure on folks to be fair to all kids and buy from all. (or buy from none)

I always appreciate when people email me and just say, "Hey, so and so is selling x. If you're interested, I have the sheet at my desk." No pressure, and we can still support the cause.

Cheyenne said...

When I was in school I was in the band and we were always selling candy as fundraisers. I can say, without conviction, that since I am out of school no one has ever come to my door selling anything for fundraising. And that is quite a long time. However, I did buy from nieces and nephews and on occasion, co-workers for their children.
Personally I feel like the things they sell are too expensive.