Monday, January 28, 2013

Cyclical or just the weather

I can't sleep these days.  Last night I tossed and turned until about 3 A.M.   I go through this several times a month, but mostly when the weather begins to turn warmer.  Yes, I'm sorry, but here in Texas we will be 80 tomorrow.  If I could I would send you some of that warmth, but I can't.,

Anyway, when the weather changes like this, I cannot get our heat/ac set properly.  SO that means that I am either too hot or too cold when I try to go to sleep.  That means no easy sleep.

Saturday night I couldn't sleep for a good reason - my back decided to seize.  I do have sciatica, degenerative disks and stenosis in the spine.  For some reason, one or more of those decided that it would be fun to just freeze to see me try to move.  So no sleep.

So I figure there will be one more night of restless sleep.  Tomorrow, winter will return to these parts.  Of course that means the low will be in the 30's with rain.


Other things going on around here include my making three meals at dinner time.  I am making chicken, rice and vegetables for Simone - both dinner and breakfast.  I just about have the routine down.  She knows what is going on.  She smells the boiling chicken, and gets very excited.  If I don't make her breakfast right away, she thinks she is going to get another helping of dinner.

And that isn't going to happen. I took her to the vet just to get a weight.  She has gained two pounds since she had been on this diet.   I know the vet is going to tell me to cut her back.  She just hasn't seen Simone eating.  She inhales the food.  You would think she hadn't eaten in weeks!

One last thing.  I am an old stick in the mud.  I have decided.  The way a young couple ought to move on is to get married, then in any order buy a house and have children.  My step-granddaughter has decided that even though she has an eight month old baby, she wants a big wedding.

A guest list of about 300.  She looked into one venue that runs $6000.  And that's just the venue.  No flowers, no food, nothing.  Daughter and SIL plan to give them about $2000.  To me - that's more than sufficient.  The whole idea is stupid.

They were gong to the JP until she discovered they need a marriage license.  She didn't know that last Monday was a holiday, and the courts were closed.  Then they mentioned this to his mother.  His mother tearfully told M she was so hoping for a big wedding  What a load of BS.  Sorry.  That's a bit strong, but that's where I am right now.

I know her grandparents and aunt there  in SA are all for this too.  I know they want to see this little girl in a beautiful white dress walking down a aisle, carrying a bouquet of roses and orchids - or something even more exotic.  Yea, and they are on food stamps, welfare. But "Pops" would probably write another hot check to help out.

 And dear Auntie had found herself in a situation like this.  Only she never did have the wedding.  There was always an excuse, and now she is alone with the girl.  It amazes me how they can plan to spend other people's money.  When they get a drift of the fact that Daughter and SIL aren't going to go all out, they will once again bad mouth them calling them pretentious or worse,

As I said - I am an old stick in the mud.  I like the "traditional" ways.


JuJu said...

I hate that temperature killing sleep. And, why is it that the more tired we are, the harder it is to sleep???

Marti said...

I'm not sleeping well either. It was warm and humid here yesterday and even on the news last night they were telling people they might want to turn on the a/c. We didn't. A/c in January? No way. So we turned on the ceiling fan and tossed and turned all night. Would have been better off with the a/c.

I'm with you on the wedding. I just don't see the point of spending a lot of money on a wedding anyway, but especially when they are already living together and have a child. That's our neighbors. Their child is 3 years old and they are still planning the big wedding. I don't get it. Just go down to the JP already.