Saturday, January 05, 2013

Yesterday's post

I still feel really rather foolish about my "rant" yesterday.  I considered taking it down.

I know a child is a blessing.  I am aware of that.  I guess part of my mind hearkens back to my early days of study as an ecologist.  The phrase "Zero population grown" still rings loudly in my ears.  I look around at the young people I know.  Most of them have 3+ kids.

It most assuredly is personal choice.  I just worry about my own kid who is going to have 4.  I think back on how relatively easy it was to haul two around.  At least in a sedan, and they were big back then.  The only problem was Daughter deciding that her "half" of the backseat was really 2/3 and my son having to lean against the door.

That got me remembering those car trips.  Now perhaps I know a little more about how he got even with her.  It is gross, but it happened.  He would let out the silent, deadly farts.  We all paid!

Anyway, I look now, and there is no way these families could get into a small sedan.  Daughter's crew tries to get in SIL's (previous since he just quit that job) mid-sized sedan.  Not a pretty sight.  About the only way they are comfortable is in a large SUV.

I still don't know how Son is going to manage 4 car seats.  They bought a new crew cab that gets the best mileage on the road today.  But it is the F/X model which means the front seats are bucket with a console in the middle.  It is a five passenger at best.  Years ago they bought an Expedition, but it is really getting old now, and it is a real gas hog.  Plus they are going to get to put a car seat in the very back seat - and that means no room for luggage, etc.

If things had gone the way they should have, their oldest would have been 8.  It and Monkey Boy would have been born just about the same time.  DIL suffered a miscarriage.  Many of the women in her mother's family had problems conceiving.  She felt that was her problem.  She really felt she wouldn't have children at all.  Thus her feeling about any chemical birth control ideas.

When they started trying in earnest five years ago, Son had been going to a real quack doctor around here.  Everyone I have ever heard that went to him because they felt tired, run down, etc was immediately put on sex hormones and thyroid medication.  My son has always been a bean pole!  He didn't need that stuff.  Plus he was on a killer regime of testosterone.  I just pray he will not develop testicular cancer from it later.

Anyway, they went to a fertility specialist who nearly jumped out of his chair when he learned about the quack.  And he called that person a quack saying he should have his medical license revoked.  He has had other patients from that guy,  He wasn't sure the effects could be reversed.  Well, it is obvious he is ok with the sperm production!

So - I won't take that post down.  I still worry about them.  I am still so ambivalent.  It is my feelings, and that is what this place is for.  That is why the family doesn't know about this place.


Marti said...

I think we always worry about our children and their choices, no matter how old they are. Hopefully, they will get it together and figure out how to manage their budgets with a large family. The car situation is so much harder now that the law requires car seats until they are so much older.

Cheyenne said...

It is very understandable that you are concerned about having four grandbabies. but in time you will sit and look at them and wonder why you ever thought that way. Each child is a wonder to behold. I only had one because I only wanted one, but I marvel at other families with lots of kids.


it all works out..really