Friday, January 11, 2013

Some sad and some strange happenings around here

I have very mixed emotions about what is happening as I write.  Son and DIL are going through a spontaneous abortion.  This is her second, and it is happening about the same point of the pregnancy.  I would be less than honest if I said that I was completely decimated by this news.  You know that I was a little upset by the news of baby #4 so soon.

In the long run, this really isn't terrible.   While it is sad that a baby is lost, they really didn't need another at this point in things.  Son is taking the news well.  He wasn't really thrilled about #4 to begin with.  Last night he said that the first time was really devastating.  And it was.  It was the first.  There were so many questions with that loss.  Then he found that his cousin has this happening.  DIL's aunt has had this happen.  Even her OB at the time told him it happened to his wife.  He realizes that there was something just not right with this pregnancy.  He said that at least there wasn't some lethal problem with the baby that would allow it to be born full term only to die quickly.

So for now, there is no baby.  I wonder if her present OB will tell her to wait a while.  I wonder if she hasn't had them far too close together - especially since they have been C-sections.  But life goes on for all of us.

Strange things.  The house across the street and down two is for sale.  The woman who presently lives there is the daughter of the neighbors we had across the street.  When we moved in 35 years ago, they were already in their 60's for sure.

Mary Anne was Fritz's second wife.  He had previously been married to her sister.  The sister died, and he brought Mary Anne over from Germany.  Listening to her tales of surviving World War II in Nazi Germany were fascinating.  Anyway, Marie - in the house two down - was Fritz's daughter by the first wife.  Fritz and Mary Ann went on to have two more children.

The strangest thing that has happened is that my present neighbor who is living in Fritz's house has his brother buying Marie's house.  Now how many times do two houses stay in a family for two owners.  To me that is strange!!!

It always reminds me of how small the world is.


JuJu said...

I am so confused about the situation of house buying and relatives. But, as confused as I am, I still know that the thing with Fritz and Marie is odd.

I am so sorry for the loss your family is going through. No matter the circumstance, I am still sad for the loss. xxx

Cheyenne said...

Sorry to read abut the loss in your family.

Marti said...

I am so sorry, that's never easy to deal with even if it was an unplanned pregnancy. Is it a miscarriage by another name?

That is a strange chain of ownership of that house. I've known property to stay in the family for generations, but not quite like that. I was just wondering what would be the genealogy relationship of the children born of the two sisters and same father? My grandfather and his brother married sisters and my mother calls her cousins double cousins.