Monday, January 07, 2013

New week

Well, this one should be interesting!!  Son's youngest child has a birthday on the 12.  Daughter's oldest has a birthday on the 16th.  Should be no problem - right??  Wrong!  What is smack dab between those dates?  Sunday, Jan 13.  Why is this a problem?  It is the weekend.  They BOTH want to celebrate the kids birthdays on that day.  Where does that put Pa and Grandma?  RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE!!!

I think it will all work out, but both of the "in-laws" really don't care that much for each other.  Daughter and crew were in Austin for a swim meet, so they didn't make family dinner last night.  Son and crew were here.  DIL reminded us of the party this weekend.  G told her about SIL's plans for Lady Bug.  

DIL's face became stony.  I know she was really upset because she sent out invitations right around the 1st.  I am pretty sure because ours was in the mail when we got home on the 2nd.  Ouch!!  Great for family relations.

We assured we would be at the party they are having.  I really believe we can make both.  Hers is at 4:30, and Lady Bug's is a family deal which I am sure will be more like 6 or so.

Families!!!  I love them, but oh the problems.

I grew up as an only child.  An only child with what was really two complete sets of parents.  My aunt and uncle (one of them) had no children.  They lived about a mile from us.  They considered me theirs also.  So problems like this never existed.  Well - with the exception of when I grew up and married we often had to make several celebrations in one day especially at Christmas and Thanksgiving.

There is much about a larger extended family I just don't have an internal data base for!


Marti said...

I've decided lately that being an only child isn't such a bad thing. Some of my cousins are squabbling so much that they won't even come to family gatherings because they're afraid they'll have to see each other.

I'm not crazy about some in-laws, but I can suck it up for a weekend a couple of times a year.

judemiller1 said...

I--an only child for 13 years know exactly what you mean. Now--I take the first place I am invited to. Just like back in the day--if a boy asked you to the dance and you accepted, and another better boy came along a few days later and asked you--you had to go with the first invite--my momma told me so!!!

JuJu said...

My sisters in law loathe each other and it makes my life very difficult. They don't like to be in the same room with each other at any time. I beg them to get together and it falls on deaf ears.