Friday, January 04, 2013

The good, the bad, and the plain stupid!

The good and bad part are one in the same.  I have railed and hoped and blabbed on and on with the hope that Son and DIL would have decided that three is enough.  Son wasn't sure that three children put the period to the end of the sentence, but he didn't want to think of another for at least two or so years.

When we were at DIL's mother's house (lots of possessives there!) for Christmas, he brought his phone over saying that that picture was a Christmas present for the family he supposed.  With my screwy eyes, I wasn't sure what I was looking at.  Beside that, phone pictures are not really good ones to me.  As Daughter reacted, I then realized what I was looking at.  It was a picture of - you guessed it - a positive pregnancy test.  So in about August, there will be number 4.   That means at that point there will be a 4 year old, an almost 3 year old, a year old and a newborn.

To say he is not pleased is an understatement.  I think he is beginning to realize just how expensive children are.  He is the only one working.  He has good jobs.  Notice I said JOBS.  Yes - he works for ATT, he is the Worship leader at a church and has a band.  But all these could end tomorrow.  ATT can be rather capricious when it comes to lay-offs.  Even though he has been with them for over 12 years, one never knows.

I don't know where they are going to put all the car seats, her plan to move the girl to the back of the house because they don't trust the teens that come to the boy's house across the street (can we say guns are involved) are shelved.  This is because DIL doesn't believe in birth control.  She is afraid it will effect her fertility.  Really???  I think we have seen there is no problem there.

Am I bitter about this, well yes.  I don't mean to insult anyone who has or wants a large family.   If you are, and you can afford them, great.  They can't. I will not say anything to them.  They are managing, but I can't help but be really worried about them.  They aren't the best money managers to begin with.  She still believes that she can spend money like she did when her mom and dad were married (or even when they divorced and she got the child support money) and dad is wealthy.

But enough of that.  Please don't be put off by my words here.  Next year, I will have 7 grandchildren.  I am blessed.  And unless the idea of adoption arises once again with them, this is the end.  Her OB will not do more than 4 sections.  So her tubes will be tied.  Son said regardless, he will be "fixed."

Now for the stupid.  The steaks I was missing at the SSB - they weren't missing.  The receipt showed I paid for them.  We thought we looked everywhere.  And I did.  They were just in a very thin package, and that package firmly attached itself to the ham steak I bought for New Year's Eve.  All I can say is STUPID!!!

So the lost was found.  I am just glad I didn't call the store, as I thought of doing, to ask if they had found a stray package of meat!  I would have really felt dumb.


JuJu said...

I've lost so many groceries between the store and home, it's not even funny anymore! So, don't beat yourself up about those thin steaks!!

And, congrats on the new baby? I totally feel where you are coming from and hope that all the stars will line up for them.

judemiller1 said...

Well--if she can only have 4 c-sections, that will put an end to her fertility. You will have a new baby for next Christmas--that will be nice--I guess? When they come out with the news--does it ever cross your mind, "Another one?" I can remember thinking that on a couple of occasions.


interfere with her fertility? holy shit