Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Ouch and other things

Today was the monthly injection in the eyeball.  I had the only guy in the place doing the prep.  He is good.  One of the parts that I really hate is the cotton swabs with the anesthetic on them.  Put cotton in your eye anytime.  It hurts!  The other part that I really don't like is the speculum (spell check tells me that is wrong, but doesn't give me a good alternative) that holds my eye open.  I know intellectually it is only in place for about a minute, but it feels like an hour.  Then the eyelid continues to hurt for quite a while.  Yes, the needle hurts, but so very briefly.

Finally we are getting a good rain.  It was something like July 13 since we have had a significant rain.  It was forecast for later this afternoon going into tomorrow.  Someone forgot to tell the storms.  Normally I wouldn't worry about the rain.  I can just stay in (except the eye appointment and tomorrow a dental cleaning).  What I worry about is Daughter and crew are in San Antonio today with SIL coming back today with the kids.  He drives so fast that it scares me especially in bad weather.  He is a bit of an agressive driver as well.  (He just came over to pick up a package - yea, they are home).

Daughter stays until tomorrow because her company is having a unit meeting or something like that.  When the make-up of the company was mostly male, I really believe these three day meetings were for the "good ole' boys" to get away from families and party.  The employee make-up company is changing, and more and more of them don't want to attend these meeting.  Interesting.  But my point here is that she will be riding back in this weather (heavy rains that way) with someone else.

I just worry.  Can't help it.

I think I am heading to the bed to "rest my eye" after its trauma.  That and the fact that I couldn't sleep last night.  Catch ya' later.

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JuJu said...

Oh, just reading about the process made me squirm!! I hope you had a restful evening!