Thursday, January 24, 2013

Home again and

I am sitting here unable to get motivated to do much of anything - just attached to this computer.

I have to break this habit - obsession.  It seems that I just want to be on the computer.  Part of the reason is I have become addicted, absolutely addicted, to Farm Ville 2.

At one time, I stayed away from computer games like the plague.  I would not allow myself to look at any of them.  Then I found a Goggle game - another form of farming game.  I was hooked.  The problem was when I would be away from internet for a week, my crops withered and the animals left.  What a bummer.

Then I found the Facebook game.  The crops may wither, but not rapidly.  The animals never left.  AND I got internet service.  So I told myself that I would never buy the money that would help me.  Guess what.  I am buying the money.

I am weak.  I am addicted.  I keep promising myself that I will cut this one out when I spend all the monies that I have invested.  But I doubt it.  I play the stupid game three or four times a day.  That means there are more quests I have to meet.  It is a real obsession.  And they know it!  The more you play, the more they send you.

Then, of course, is my obsession with scoring free embroidery machine designs.  So  my morning computer time usually goes to noon - then I will be back several times a day!

Blast you computer.  You are as bad as crack!


JuJu said...

But much healthier!!

I say ENJOY!

Marti said...

I had to laugh when you talked about your crops withering. My dd used to play that, and still might for all I know, and she used to look at her watch when home on break and say with a worried look that she had to get online and feed her cow. This from a kid who never even fed our dog.

Cheyenne said...

I don't play any games on Facebook. I do play them at Pogo over the course of the day. It's fun amassing all those points but no place to go with them. I know what you mean by obsession.

judemiller1 said...

Addiction--ah yes, I know it well. Lucky Slots on FB now has grabbed me!!! I am so upset because I can't get any further on Candy Crush, or Ocean bubble game nor Safari bubble game, Slingo has me baffled too and YES--I too have purchased WITH REAL MONEY coins to play with--just like the slots in the casino, but more fun because you can sit at home and not be around all those germy people!! (Justification)