Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Of all the people in the world, the ones who most waste their abilities are the hackers.  To spend their days looking for ways to make people miserable is such a waste of what appears to me, at least, such a waste of a great talent.

I belong to several  Yahoo groups.  In my never ending quest to find free machine embroidery designs, I have joined way too many of those groups.  To keep my inbox over there down to a manageable size, I am on daily digest for these groups.  I still have at least 50 messages that often have 20 messages included.  I have learned to scan.  Here I go again, TMI and off the subject - an old age thing I guess.

What I have seen over there recently is that so many folks have had their account hacked.  One person has been hacked three times now.  There is a thought that somehow the combination Facebook and Yahoo accounts is making it easier for these hackers to hit.

This is something that seems to come in cycles.  I wonder if it takes those hackers a certain period of time to get into accounts - if they have to find a new "key" for lack of a better term to get into these accounts.  I really believe that Yahoo must have some kind of break in their security.  It wouldn't be impossible I guess since they are so large.

I just think if these people would put that energy into something that would benefit people.  What joy is there in getting into an email account that then sends this spam to others who open it then it is sent to others and so on.  (Wow - I would have failed an English course with that run-on sentence!)  Anyway, I just don't get it.

In other things.  On the news last night, they reported that about 300 teachers just quit their jobs in the urban school district.  Well, really?  I was at that point 12 years ago.  That's the reason I quit at 29 years rather than stay for that golden 30.  I know usually teachers will wait until the end of the year.  I did.  But I really understand them getting so completely fed up that they leave at semester.  One of the ones interviewed said he would rather re-enlist for active military duty to have the possibility of being shot at everyday than go back into the classroom.  Says it all.

I know the idea still exists that teachers have it so easy.  They only work from 8-3, nine months a year.  All those holidays too!!  Well, that doesn't exist.  I am not going to get my soap box out of the closet and hit all the misconceptions that are out there.  I just know where those teachers that walked are coming from.

Today's big adventure is getting my teeth cleaned during the flooding rains!  Catch ya' later.


JuJu said...

Eyeballs one day and teeth the next? You poor thing.

I have my degree in elementary ed, never taught a day in my life. I knew it would be more work than I could handle. Kudos to all who do it! (Including you!)

judemiller1 said...

I always wanted to be a first grade teacher--didn't think I could handle kids any older then that--sometimes the older ones can be real brats!! Of course, back then, when I would have been a teacher, we still had discipline in the home AND the schools...and not so much politics.


makes me so of my friends got hacked and they went right thru his address book and spammed everyone on it and then every one on each one of I got spammed and everyone on my address book got spammed...such a pain in the ass..I not only had to change my password everyone in my address book had to change thiers...