Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Such a boring life

Saturday I had the very best time.  I went to Lady Bug's belated birthday party.  She has bloomed in Middle School.  She has become so popular that I know there were several people who had their feelings hurt because they were not invited.  She probably could have had a hundred kiddos there, but she limited the invitations to 20.  Fifteen were able to come.  Perhaps she should have had another list that could have filled in.  Just kidding.

The party was at a trampoline place.  They are becoming so popular here.  I didn't go back to watch that part.  I think tramps are dangerous.  When they came back for food, I so enjoyed them.  I was taken back to some of my favorite students!  These kids were so great.  There were four large pizzas, but they didn't eat all of them.  There were four pitchers of sodas, they didn't drink all of them either.  I was amazed.  Usually this age inhales food and drink.

They they began "dancing."  This wasn't to music, nor was it with one another.  It was like the old slam dancing.  It was quite a rough thing.  They were so funny.  Then they began a game of "I love you, don't smile" with the one who smiles becoming "it."  They were a hoot.  I had a great time.  I really did think back on my teaching career.  If I had kids like those, I would STILL be teaching!

We went to Daughter's house for the Super Bowl.  I don't think I watched a full minute of that.  I have gotten less and less interested in football.  A basket ball game is more likely to catch my attention, but probably not.  I was hoping for a very small gathering, but she invited a swim team friend and her twins (who are high school seniors).

Today was eye injection day.  When I finally made it through all the preliminaries and got into the injection room, I was hit by a thought  When I sat in the chair, it is not lumbar friendly.  So my spine which is degenerating got there, I thought how great this was.  It would take my mind off the business with my eye.  When the sciatica kicked in, better.  Well - it didn't work.  The speculum holding my eye open still hurt like the devil!  The injection wasn't pleasant.  And I forgot all  about my back!


JuJu said...

I love being around a nice group of kids. I'm always impressed with Taylor's friends and their manners.

I did enjoy Beyonce, man she's talented!!

I always enjoy the food more than anything. :-)

Hope your eye and back both feel better!!

Jeanette said...

Your life doesn't sound so boring to me! I'm sorry about those injections in your eye. I certainly hope their helping!

Marti said...

Your life doesn't sound boring to me either. You are so lucky to have grandchildren.

I started getting squeamish when you first said eye injection. Ouch!