Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Well . . . .

Yesterday, I loaded the Lady Bug into the "regular" truck (as opposed to the "troop carrier truck) of which I am now the daily driver - thanks gasoline prices. We headed downtown to the Medical Center. I had an appointment with the plastic surgeon.

I didn't estimate the time the trip would take properly, but in Swampland, a 15 minute trip could, and has expanded to over an hour. You just never know. So I rushed her out of the house at 1:00 for a 2:00 appointment. All the while, I was sure we would be late.

We pulled into the parking garage - valet parking - at 1:30. That was quite a treat for me. It wasn't that much more expensive than regular parking that G always chooses, and there we were - right at the door. My knees were so thankful.

We headed to the elevators and were seated in the waiting room by 1:35. The problem was my appointment was at 2! Well . . Then as the two o'clock hour approached, I gleaned the truth that the doctor was NOT there. I really believe he was probably caught up in surgery. LB was a trouper, but still, how long can a seven year old be expected to sit quietly and wait.

We were finally called back at 2:30 - only to wait more. It was easier in the exam room. There is a huge mirror (for some reason I really believe it is a two way). LB has never met a mirror she didn't like. So she spend the first 15 minutes mugging. After that she got her toy lap top out with its myriad of games on it. She found a couple of trivia games, and we passed the time with her quizzing me. It was fun.

The doctor finally came in. He plucked off a couple of scabs that I was afraid to touch. He said they would come off with a little soap and water. I told him I don't mess with scabs! He was to remove the stitches that were still in since they were in the radiated tissue. Healing still wasn't complete, but he felt the tissue would heal anyway.

He asked about the size of the reconstruction. Since I have had really large boobs all my life, I had looked forward to small, perkier ones. But I think this one is a little small. What I have is an expander, so he was going to add more volume. The problem was he couldn't find the port. That is the story of my life! Put in a port and make it hard to find. It was the same with the chemo port.

We discussed the next surgery. He agreed that September will do. He will put in an implant at that time that will have 100 mls more. I asked about the "pouch" on my side that has been there since the mastectomy. No problem! We'll just have this scar meet that scar! Get rid of that excess tissue. Piece of cake.

As the nurse was removing the stitches, I asked if I would have my buddies (drains) back. Yes. Oh crud!! And I got to thinking about that little "snip" of excess tissue. I would be very sore again. Sleeping will again be difficult. Even the side with the reduction will probably have a drain. Yeah! bilateral drains. What joy.

Honestly were I not so lop-sided (at least DD on the left and B on the right), I don't think I would go on. But I started this mess. I guess I will have the surgery. Perhaps October or November, or the 12th of never???

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