Tuesday, July 08, 2008

For two days?

We are back from the SSB. I really got a lot of things done - like seven cuff bracelets and nine pairs of ribbon decorated flip flops. I was amazed how quickly they got done there as opposed to here. Perhaps it may be the lack of a fast internet connection??

Anyway, I could have gotten more done, but I wasn't going to load the sewing machine, fabrics, threads, and so on. It was just going to be too much. I might have thrown in more shoes, but I was already afraid I would hear more mutterings from Mr. Passive-Aggressive himself.

I have a load of things to get done today and tomorrow. Darling Daughter hardly called at all this past weekend, and not at all last night. I thought Lady Bug was taken care of. Nope. She called me at 9:05 this morning. I thought it was about Doodle Bug's ENT follow up. Partly. She had no place for LB. S is out of town until Thursday. She is expecting me to watch her until and including part of Thursday. I might as well hang up getting the water bottle holders done. LB will want to do "crafts" along with me. That translates to "Grandma - help me with this." "Grandma, I'm done with this." and so on.

I wanted to get my room straightened out. If we are not upstairs, she wants to plop on my bed to watch the stupid "teen programs" on the Ears Network. I really am in a bit of a snit because I was looking at two days of hard work - on my own schedule. It won't happen now.

I KNOW I should say something to K. It wouldn't help anything. So I'll just moan and groan here, and let you see what a wimp I am. It really is the easier road,

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flying eagle woman said...

I love that you said SNIT...we are kindreds, you and I!!!!