Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Three in seven months

Yesterday we lost another member of G's family. His dad died in December. An aunt died in February. I felt a special kinship with her. She was battling the little c. She lost.

Yesterday we lost the sister who was the most free spirit. She was 77. She lived to fish, and,accordingly, lived on the coast. She gave away all the fish she caught if she didn't simply throw them back. She hated fish! In the past few years, however, she had not been able to go out everyday to fish. Her arthritis in her knees kept her from many activities. Then she developed diabetes.

We visited her a few years back when we had our travel trailer. It was easy with the dogs. She showed us such a good time. We even went out on a fishing boat. That was a first for me. At every family reunion, she would ask when we were going to come back. We assured her it would be sometime.

The good thing about her death is that she died just as she wanted. She had blockage in the arteries of her heart. She had surgery a couple of weeks ago, and she was scheduled for another on the 29th. The cousins who live around her and check on her had been telling me for years she wouldn't take her medication. A few days ago, her blood sugar fell so dangerously low that cousin 1 didn't think he would be able to get her back.

The same cousin told me she had not taken her meds for two days. When they checked on her about noon yesterday, the found her non-responsive. She was in her bed, a smile on her face and all five dogs around her. It was just the way she wanted to die.

We didn't. Now we can't.

Funny how this post took on a life of its own. It hasn't gone in the planned direction, but that's ok. In fact, it's even better this way. Her death has once again made me realize we cannot procrastinate. If we want to be with those we love, there is not time like the present. There possibly is no tomorrow.

Lesson relearned - once again too late.

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