Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another child??

While contemplating topics that I could possible pursue that wouldn't be more moaning and complaining on my part, I was struck with the fact that I have another child! It has been in the house for months, and I never realized I had another child.

It must be a child because when it gets too quiet, you know it must be into something it's not supposed to be in. When its sound changes or worse yet it gets completely quiet, you know that's a problem. Isn't that true of a child?

My latest child is a robot vacuum. When it is supposed to be working, if all is quiet there are two possible answers. It either has decided to go back to bed (its dock) or has gotten stuck. The first thing I do is to check the dock. If it's not there, then I have to search for it. Fortunately it can only traverse two rooms, but there is a lot of furniture in the den.

It loves to go under the furniture. Unfortunately, it can get stuck. If it does get stuck, I have to hope aa portion of it is sticking out. Otherwise, I am looking under everything. Not fun.

It is supposed to leave cords alone. Ha!! It loves to play with electrical cords. It carries them as far as it can. It does drop them finally. But the other day, it found the blind cord. It tried to crawl the cord until its weight stopped that. Getting it to let loose was a trick.

It has a mind of its own for sure. Some days it loves the den. If just scours the den. It twirls around and around, bumping off the furniture, jumping off the base of the entertainment center. Other times it loves the kitchen and breakfast room. On those days, the area rug in the den never feels the suck of that vacuum. Yesterday and today seem that it's den day. I cannot convince it there is work to do in the other rooms.

But as the ads say, at least I'm not having to do the work. Oops, it's too quiet again. Gotta go find the baby!

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