Thursday, July 31, 2008

No decisions

I hardly ever express a desired location for eating out to G. Usually he will find something wrong with it, and that's all I hear about. It is just easier to let him choose the place, and then if there is something he dislikes, it's his fault!

Sunday night was a good example. We were going to celebrate my birthday with dinner out with the family - that's 9 of us. I had suggested a restaurant that he previously didn't like, but we saw an ad with some dishes that looked good.

That was going to be ok. I had even told K and S that was where we were going. Three hours before we were going to be going, he suggested we go to a different place. Rather than risk the scenario I drew before, I agreed.

They don't take reservations. C had called ahead, but was told the wait would still be about 1 hour. The restaurant doesn't seat until the entire party is present. I was amazed that we were seated within five minutes of getting there - without C and B.

The problem then arose. It was a booth. I mentioned this here. The evening really was miserable. Conversation was not possible except for my kids who were directly across from each other.

K made several snide comments to her dad about the situation. I don't know how many of them he took to heart, but I think he did realize that a noisy restaurant with a huge booth was not a great idea.

The situation doesn't even take into account me trying to get into and out of said booth with my knees! Getting in wasn't nearly as bad as getting out. After sitting for an hour, my knees work even less. I thought I would be there forever.

So when asked where I want to go to eat, etc my stock answer is "I don't care." It doesn't do any good to care!

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