Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Swept away in a whirlwind

I had the final (?) follow-up appointment with the plastic surgeon yesterday. I think I am released from this surgery. I still have some scabs in the area that had the stitches until just recently. I assume they are still there because this is the tissue that was radiated.

He and the nurse are very pleased with the healing. That makes me feel much better. Seriously, I really believe if I had known the real effects of this surgery I'm not sure I would have done it. Almost the first words out of his mouth was when we were going to schedule the second surgery. I told him September, which is fine. As he examined me, he said he wouldn't do it until the scabs were gone anyway.

He planned the procedure which will include excision of tissue (let's call it like it is - a pouch of fat) that has been left since the mastectomy. It is bothersome, and I have wanted it gone. He makes it sound so easy. "Just match dot to dot." Easy for him to say! But he did assure me that this surgery will be much easier. My options were to have the fat liposuctioned or cut out. I am not afraid of scars. Not at 63! So he planned how that would take place. Then he will cut under the breast to remove the expander and slip in the implant. He said the reduction will be a breeze. I will have one(?!?!) drain because he will remove tissue. If lipo was done, there would be no drain - just compression bandages,

So, his scheduler is going to call me today. Here we go again.

My plans for the weekend are to give B his weight bench back - I haven't used it. I have it because he didn't want it when he first moved out. I am also going to give him the treadmill. My knees do not make it a fun thing. But I plan to go out to get a recumbent bike. I have been motivated by Rana over at Eclectic Mind. She has worked out with such dedication that she has amazing results. I just think it will be easier on the knees. I also intend to search for my kick board that I wasn't able to use last year. I'm still assuming I have been released and can hit the pool!

So that's what's up with me!

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