Monday, July 21, 2008

A complete nightmare

That is the phrase that best describes last night's "family dinner." I cannot believe the circus that took place under this roof. It was far from pretty.

S is out of town, so K brought the kids early so they could swim. With him gone, she doesn't let them in their pool. That was fine, and all went well.

It was Doodle Bug's first birthday. Monkey Boy had his birthday on the 6th, but he has participated in several succeeding celebrations since July seems to be THE month for birthdays in this family. So, since his Aunt Teenie (C) and Uncle B were bringing his presents, it assumed it was STILL his birthday.

I know trying to reason with a 4 year old is like trying to reason with a post, but geez! He thought all of Doodle Bug's presents were his as well. She never had a chance. I love that boy, but he has been so spoiled it is terrible. He is the true "Prince of the House." He was a true terror.

Doodle Bug decided she could stand on her push/ride toy - when she was able to get to it.
She mounted it and was about to take a header into the tile floor. This is after she was allowed to stick her fingers into the fan while being held. I was finally at the table, and there was no way I could get to her. I let out a scream - I don't know where that came from. It was uncontrollable. K barked at me, and with my funky moods these days, I rushed out in a flurry of tears. Real adult Grandma.

Before most of this other mess, the Beloved, S's daughter from another relationship, called him demanding he leave, get on a plane, and get her. This road has already been traveled. She pulled this once before, and K and S spend $1400 to fight to get her only to find she had lied about what was going on at home.

S called K after Beloved's call. That added to the circus here. Emotions were all on high alert. It was really a nightmare. I don't want another evening like that - ever. I HATE drama.

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