Thursday, July 03, 2008

Like a chicken . . .

Today marks the first day of complete chaos that will mark the next week for me. I have to get the first load of "stuff" to haul to the SSB for the Sesquicentennial Celebration at the annual festivities at Town Without A Stoplight. We will be moving the hardware needed for the display of the crafty things at the show. Right now that includes five tables and the sunshade. I think I will take the bins of items as well because they are really so bulky.

The tables are pretty straight forward with the exception of two. They are at darling daughter's house where they have been since before Christmas. No problem with the exception they are now gone to visit the aunt, uncle, cousin, and second cousins from Capitol City. They won't be back until late this evening. Right now, G is fine with whatever, but I know him too well. He was fine with the brunch last week until the day of the brunch when his passive-aggressive streak poked through. The same thing will happen tomorrow, and if not tomorrow certainly NEXT Thursday when we leave for the real thing.

The thought of sitting up there without nothing to work on is driving me mad. My mind was still working at 100 miles an hour at midnight trying to come up with a plan. I think I finally got it. There is room in the totes for the flip-flops. The ribbons won't take much room either, so I'll sneak them into the totes and all will be well.

I thought of taking my big sewing/embroidery machine in its fancy new trolley. But that thing weighs 1000 pounds at least (you KNOW I'm not one to embellish stories!!), and I don't think it will easily fit in the back seat of the troop carrier with Simone. Plus you have to lift it a mile to reach the seat. So sewing it out. The little crappy machine that I have considered taking and leaving up there doesn't sew well enough to make items that I am going to sell.

So I will venture upstairs soon to gather the items that will be loaded to take with us. You'll probably hear G's swearing tomorrow when the passive-agressiveness comes barreling to the surface!

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