Friday, July 18, 2008

End in sight

Yep, the end is in sight for the drama that began with the mastectomy. We set the date for the next to last surgery for September 8. It will be done at the same place - which is good and bad. I didn't get the expected infection, but I was worried. This place wants to emulate a nice hotel. OK, that's great, but I am a little nervous about a hospital that has carpet on the floors of its rooms! I am a freak about carpet is places that should be washed! When the house was put in at the SSB, the carpet in the bathrooms drove me completely NUTS.

Anyway, I will be staying overnight. I have learned my lesson about being the brave soul who demands to go home as soon as possible. It doesn't help me at all. I'm sure I will want that little button for pain relief that night. I just hope the IV doesn't infiltrate this time! I don't like to see my hand twice its normal size.

After this upcoming surgery, the one left is a very brief one that will be outpatient. It will be done in an operating room just for sterility. They will place the nipple on my poor right side. He said it is very easy and quick. I haven't had the nerve to ask just how they make said nipple. It gives my imagination something to do!!

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