Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just pour me into the house

We are back from the big shingdig in that little town in central Texas. They were celebrating their 150th anniversary. That included a parade (the largest one in recent history), and usual Jack Ass Race (not kidding at all - wish I had pictures), and the Arts and Crafts show - which really isn't only Arts and Crafts, but that's another story.

We went to Wide Spot Community Club on Friday. I had two reasons for going, neither were very honorable. I didn't want to cook and clean up on Friday, and I wanted to get Lady Bug on the float. The only problem is that they wanted period dressing. She has hoochie modern. Her dad found a plaid shirt that we turned around, cut off sleeves, and cut up a "dress up" white thing to make an apron. She looked really cute, and most important, she had a good time.

We set up our little show of crafts. Our place was one that was really good. We were under a huge pecan tree, so after about noon, we had great shade. This was the hottest weekend yet in Central Texas. The good thing is that in that area, if you have shade, a breeze and water, it's not really bad.

Our sales were pitiful. We sold $110 worth. I am a bit miffed however because the booth next to us had absolutely NO crafts. Zip, zero, nada. They had blingy crap from probably China, but they were selling hand over fist. It was straw hats, studded belts and plastic purses that were animal prints. To think I left anything that we didn't put our hands onto at home. I really feel like lodging a complaint, but it wouldn't do any good.

The heat was just overwhelming though. Even though we were fairly cool (doesn't take a lot of energy to sell $110 worth), I really felt sorry for those who had no tree. All they had was their cabana shades that we are required to have. Those folks were so hot. I hope their business was good to make up for it. I know of one booth who sold nothing. The economy just isn't conducive to trinket sales right now.

Very little was accomplished at SSB. I would check the outside thermometer, and it was usually 104+ in the sun. It was a fun trip however. The whole family was together. C was a little green at times, but she did well. Hopefully that goes away in about 4 weeks when she can discontinue the progesterone.

I am between medical things today myself, and the neighborhood free WiFi is getting wonky, so I'll post while I still can!

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