Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I WILL be a Tigger

I, like so many others, watched the tribute to Randy Pausch last night. I was impressed when I first heard his last lecture.

Last night he spoke to me again. I have let myself become an Eeore on too many occasions. I wallow in self pity. There is no reason for it. I will be a Tigger.


Anonymous said...

I don't plan on ever watching or reading The Last Lecture. Being a Tigger is good but sometimes being Eeore isn't so bad. If you never had any lows how will you know when you're having a high? Enough of my thoughts on life....LOL

Take it easy on yourself. Life threw you a curve ball and you have every right to your mood swings.


Grandma K said...

Lee Ann, I always appreciate your comments. They help keep me focused and feeling "normal" - whatever that is.

As for the grandchildren - I continue to bite my tongue. I wouldn't have appreciated comments either.

Your daughter will find her way - mine did.