Thursday, February 05, 2015

Thoughts after mid-week - such as they are

I still haven't had time to go play with the new toy (the new machine).  It is sitting up there like a siren of the sea calling and calling.  Every time I walk by the stairs, I hear it's song.  But don't have the time to devote.

I really can't remember what I did on Tuesday.  It must not have been very important.  I think I simply sat and played on the computer - reading emails, blogs, and the vacuum of all time - Facebook.  (Of which I have two pages:one personal, one business).

Yesterday was a full day.  We went to the Life Group.  It wasn't quite what I expected although it was the way it was described.  Of the less that twenty people there, we knew eight.  We had been gone about 5 years, and the church has grown considerably in that time.  One of those we knew was because she had been at Celebration with us.  But we also weren't really active in those last few years we were at Messiah.

It was a comfortable group.  It started as the small groups at Celebration - with highs and lows for the week - and G hates that!!  I really do too.  I don't have many highs and lows. Just getting up in the morning can be a high and a low.  I am still here (that's a high), and the pain is still here (that's a low). My life is really quite stable.  I am generally happy and content - no, really!  Stop laughing.  I know I usually find something that I write about.  But I am pretty content.

So that meeting went on for a little over an hour.  The subject for these groups is to talk about the previous sermon and how it really relates to our lives.  But it moreover gives a chance to connect with others in the church.  I like that, and I have always liked that.

Long ago when Messiah was getting started we participated in a "Caring and Sharing" group.  We would meet once a month at someone's house for dinner, and just connect with one another.  I guess highs and low were a part of it too, just not called that.  I enjoyed it so much,

After the group was my fav of all times - the grocery store.  It was a task I had put off for three weeks.  Now I did slip a trip to Costco in there, but I have avoided the grocery store.  But that's done until there is a dire need, or another month.  Of course in a couple of weeks I will be grocery shopping in Fredericksburg since we will be (ta-da) at the SSB again.

Today is the pain doctor.  I am thinking she will set a time for me to get the steroid injection in my spine.  I am hoping she will have a magic wand that will ease the arthritis pains.  Doubt it, but I am looking forward to pain relief in the back.

This morning as I was reading my email, I came across one from Dr Susan Love and her Army of Women.  She is working on breast cancer.  Years ago I signed up with her.  I was hoping I could be of help in research to find a cure.  Well - the research is on the West Coast or Minnesota.  I have yet done anything in seven years.  Sounds self centered I guess, but with out Medical Community here - and M.D. Anderson being a top cancer research facility, I thought there would be a need.  Since then I have discovered Anderson is rather closed.  They don't want to help or get help from any other place. Oh, well.  So be it.

Tomorrow is the good day.  Pedicure time!

Have a great one.  I thought I would be going to Dallas with Krissi and Katie, but it is a day trip for practice with the Zone Team for Water Polo.  They are practicing for the big time in California in March - which I will be going to.  Really I am glad Krissi found another mother to ride with her to Dallas.  I really don't want to spend 8 hours on the road for a 4 hour session!!!!


MartiDIY said...

I'm glad I haven't gotten caught up in Facebook. I'm doing good to check it once a month now. After our last high school reunion, I promised I would check it once a week and then it started slipping. I just don't get it. It's all such trivia.

"Take this survey to find out your old person name." Someone posted a picture of all their grandchildren. Or their dog or cat. Or both. Or a cartoon. Lots of cartoons.

Sally said...

I hope the dr was able to help you with your back pain. And, have a great time tomorrow with the pedicure! My daughter, for Christmas, gave me a manicure which, hopefully, I won't forget. I've already lost two Red Lobster ones I bought to give someone at Christmas, but then decided to wait a little later. Well, they may be waiting until I'm gone and find those cards!

Take care,K! :)

Judy said...

I hope the injection helps. I went through the whole series=4 shots, wait a month, 4 shots, wait 2 months, 4 shots. None of it did a dang thing for the pain, all I ever got out of the series was having to go to the clinic and having an IV of Versed to sedate me.