Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I am waiting for the phone call from the hospital I prefer to set the sleep study.  I have a terrible feeling I will be going to the other hospital.  It used to be the one all the doctors wanted to use.  It was the only one out this way, and the doctors flocked to it.  It was owned by doctors.  Then they sold it.  The quality of care there went down into the basement.  When I had the mastectomy,  my surgeon said we could go there, but he really didn't want to because they would postpone surgeries for hours.

Anyway - I have been able to have procedures from that time until now at this newer hospital (owned by the physicians that used to own the first).  Keeping my fingers crossed!

Had my injections this morning.  It went well.  I am already feeling relief.  Hope that continues for a while - not just a couple of weeks or month.

Krissi and Katie had their talk.  I really do feel sorry for them.  I want to take Katie out sometime this weekend.  I have always been very close to her, and we seem to have an "understanding,"  I was able to quell her temper tantrums.

I wouldn't want to be a teenager these days for all the tea in China.  My teen years (in high school) were so great.  I loved that time.  In college, I changed somewhat - at least once I did (that my parents knew about.)  I still exhibited some dangerous activities, but survived.

I had problems with Krissi.  It was grim.  Really grim.  But she has grown up to a very responsible woman - a successful woman.  All the stuff that was driving me crazy was left behind.  With her, it was having a phone in her room - gave a lot of privacy.

Katie has a smart phone.  That is Pandora's box.  She is just in so many activities she needs one.  Well - she at least needs a phone that texts.  But they find ways to get in trouble these days    She starts high school next year.  That is a worry.

Think it is time for a nap - still have drugs in my system (which is a statement that if taken out of context would look really strange,)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


MartiDIY said...

I'm sorry to hear your Katie and Krissi are struggling right now. I am so glad phones weren't as advanced when my kids were young. We couldn't afford anything but one basic cell phone and I do remember my dd whining from time to time that her friends were texting each other and she was missing out. But being able to send photos and even have face to face talks - that would scare me as a parent.

Glad you are feeling some relief from your injection. Seems like you have those more often? I know Hubby and I need to have a sleep test, but the thought of having to sleep in a strange place hooked up to stuff is enough to make me just keep shaking Hubby in the middle of the night and telling him to roll over. I'm positive he snores more and louder when he is facing me than when he faces the other direction.

Sally said...

Being a teenager, I feel sure has never been easy. Or, I should say being the parent. Kids have always been able to find the time to get into trouble. I hope your girls reach a good understanding. Katie is such a smart girl. xoxo