Monday, February 09, 2015

So ...

I really do wish I could see better.  I realized my title, of all things, was wrong yesterday.  So this morning before ANYTHING else I changed it.  Geesh!

Went to the "sleep doctor."  He wasn't what I expected, but that's ok.  I wanted to tell him to just schedule the sleep test because I know I need a new machine, but I patiently (what a play on words!) listened and answered questions.  And then he prescribed some sleeping meds and nasal spray.  Then sent to orders to the hospital I really would like to use, but they don't take my insurance.  Of course not!  That's why I wish I were still just medicare not medicare advantage.

Then finally this afternoon, I got the call for my injections tomorrow.  I was so afraid the appointment would be in the afternoon - so I would be NPO for HOURS!!  It's at 9:45 - not bad.

Krissi is finding how heartbreaking a teen-aged daughter can be.  She thought Katie was very trust worthy.  That she had her head on straight.  Not so much.  The siren of social media is calling her.  She has done some foolish things on the phone.  Not as serious as could be, but enough.

I try to say as little as possible.  Krissi sent me through sheer hell as a teenager.  When she was 18, she thought she was grown and left home.  That was a bad, bad time - I think for her as well as me.

My heart is so full of sadness for both of them.

Guess it runs in the family.  I pulled a terrible thing on my parents too.  Wish I knew - but I am thinking my mother probably did too.  I know not all girls do, but seems to run in my family.

Sad times.


Judy said...

It seems, little girls grow up way too fast nowadays.

Sally said...

ut oh I spoke too soon, should have been reading from the oldest to the newest. I still hope things will get better. xoxo