Friday, February 06, 2015

Results from my appointment

That's easy - more appointments and the chance to spend a LOT of money.

I get the steroid injection(s) on Tuesday.  I was telling her about my shoulders, so while I am out - she will pop them too!  Hoping for a lot of relief.

I have a 'script to pick up that will help relieve the nerve pain from the sciatica so I can sleep.  Looking forward to that!  It wasn't ready until late last night, so I will get it today after the pedi.

She also prescribed an ointment for my arthritic hands.  Well - she said it might be too expensive, and IT IS.  The pharmaceutical company called.  Of course, my insurance will not cover it.  So it would be (gasp) $300.  They have another formulation that is similar.   It runs $45.  I will suffer.

Then I will have physical therapy.  My first will be next week.  I know this will end up being a split thing.  I can't get them all in before we go to the SSB.

I filled in the pre-op registration for the injections this morning.  I thought I would have to give a pint of blood via email for it!  Talk about lengthy!  But that's done.

I am really worried about my brain.  I thought I had the appointment with the sleep doc today.  G reminded me that today was the pedi appointment.  The sleep doctor's office called right after that to confirm my appointment!  I am losing it.


Sally said...

Oh, I sure hope you'll relief from the steroid shot. I've never had one but my daughter had them for several after her colon was removed.

Please don't feel alone about forgetting. I can sit here and not ever remember what I was going to say. I can take a list to the grocery store, and forget I even had it. My father died from Alzheimer's; such a tragic way to live. I won't even look at the photo taken at the nursing home. That is NOT my dad, and want to remember him the way he was!


MartiDIY said...

Getting older isn't for wimps, is it? For $300 I'd want the ointment to take out age spots, wrinkles, and knobby joints, PLUS the pain.

Grandma K said...

Sally - I guess I worry because my dad also died from Alzheimer's. I had to put him in assisted living because I had to move him here to Houston from San Antonio. Because he was a wanderer, I couldn't keep him here at home. I should be able to dismiss my guilt for that knowing that he escaped from that locked unit several times. I agree I don't want to see any pictures of him there. Visiting was a nightmare - because he was not my dad!


I just had to pop $44 for tesla insurance won't cover them..bastids..I am allergic to all narcotics so can't take anything that would actually stop my pinched nerve pain we sort of pat it on the head and bite the bullet...get well soon.